First Impressions and Small Details

YES!! I started with paris and my god. The reflections are great, on the car at the beginning but then also most of the floors, looks great! Also, the sun rays through the windows have a real “thick” feel to them. Also I found new stuiff people say with connections to Hitman 2, but that could have been here before.


I haven’t had a lot of time to play this yet but I launched the Paris mission and noticed the tree geometry looked smaller and some lights have been added to a room in the basement. HDR has been rebalanced and is much more reflective of the intended look of the non HDR design. It used to be overly bright and feels more balanced now. The dynamic sharpening option in the graphics menu has been removed but it looks like 47’s skin texture has been enhanced and looks more detailed. I also noticed lights reflecting off of 47’s head. God Rays appear to me more full and working better than they ever did before. There are some nice reflections added to the enameled floors.

In Nvidia’s control panel you can tweak sharpness further if you feel that some of the textures in the game world could use a little more sharpening.

I ran the two benchmarks included in Hitman 3 at 4k resolution with HDR enabled and all graphics effects maxed out. I disabled variable shading and motion blur as they hurt visual quality and clarity.

I9 9900K CPU at 5Ghz all core
Nvidia GeForce 3090 GPU

This is the first time since the start of the of the trilogy that the world of assassination can be pushed at 4K 60FPS maxed out with a single GPU. The previous games required SLI in DX11 mode during the 1080 and 2080 series of GPU’s. It looks like tech has finally caught up with the game series but I figure the added RTX effects later on in the year will probably tank the performance again.

I also noticed they changed their sound options a little. I’m glad they support uncompressed audio with surround sound.

Hitman 2 locations are not playable for me yet, hopefully they get it figured out without too much hassle.


As for first impressions— 47 seems to move slower, like he feels heavier, in a way? maybe it’s IO’s “improved animation” they were talking about.

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He seems to walk a little slower I think. He climbs pipes and hangs off ledges 2x as fast as he used to though.


I will bled this as spoilers. I just played Dubai, than I stopped because of that whole carry over process that didn’t worked for hours. So please no spoilers for everything that happens after Dubai :see_no_evil: But something very funny happened and I wanted to share it with you :relaxed:

I played the mission where Grey is FaceTiming the Partners, the one with the private meeting, two times. The second time I shot them after his speech with a silent pistol and Grey was like “finally they are dead”. But the first time I played it I totally fucked it up. I used that model of the building and punched Stuyvesant with it while Grey was still talking. Than Ingram ran away, trying to escape, so I ran after him and throw a hammer against his head. So they lay down at the ground. I used a knife I found in the room to kill Ingram and broke Stuyvesants neck.

And than Grey was like “well that was… okay… I guess?” :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: I think he wasn’t very satisfied with my method!


For me I began my day really early, the plan was to simply go and play HITMAN the whole day and see all things that are new, fixed, etc. the idea was to Transfer my Data over to H3 then start. That idea wouldn’t come apparent until much later, but none the less I made in through the trials and tribulations of Progress Transfer.

Gameplay I focused my time on Legacy. 60 FPS HITMAN on Console was an adjustment at first, but I love everything that changed on a technical scale between Sound, Resolution, etc.

I’m glad they fixed Outfit Clipping issues that existed in Hitman 3. I can easily tell by that this will be the definitive way to play the levels.

The Access Pass system was seem-less and I had instant access to all previous locations upon launching the game for the first time.

The only real concern I have is how we obtain the Requiem Pack, this is simply because it’s the only thing missing in my inventory.

I won’t be doing a full review of HITMAN 3 for awhile, I think I’ll wait until it’s initial content release cycle is over and will simply go from there.

It’s a good game though.

After 5 missions of sneak, I absolutely loved massacring the entire train. There’s only one real target in that mission but everyone is providence and everyone is fair game. There’s something so cool about a pissed off 47 making his way through the train, systematically slaughtering everyone in each cart.


There’s something in the same Mission that is even better. And I’m convinced that its only there because of me. can’t be a coincidence.




Spoiler, maybe, but H2 maps also look a lot cleaner (Series X). Shiny floors, stuff like that… amazing little details.

And the sound, awesome. I’ve only played the New York escalation and the gunfire is much improved. I also like the uncompressed option for my 7.1 system.


I wish I didn’t click on that goddamn spoiler.

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That’s good to know. Hopefully I’ll be able to check it out myself at some point in the near future. :slightly_smiling_face:

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theyre using some Absolution code(?) for 47’s movement i think. like when you turn you dont immediately start moving, just like in absolution


Did someone mess with the sniper rifles to check if the AI comes to your exact location as in H2?

Really hated that shit…

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I haven’t played 1 and 2 much yet, but in 3 I’ve noticed hand to hand punching sounds better, gunshots have more thud, but snapping necks has this weird shimmer sound. Odd little audio cues added in places


I found out everybody’s favourite mercenary Orson “Sean Lite” Mills is in the game or at least an Orson is in the game. You can find him (if it is him) in the retinue of elite Providence guards towards the end of the train.

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First impressions (Spoiler Free, apart from the blurred bit): Played the first 4 maps, and I’m good with the quality and size of the maps so far; maps 3 and 4 feel pretty overwhelming, didn’t even touch 50% of them to complete the missions

I’m just a little worried about how they/'ll play outside of story mode.


Default start of Dubai is pointless, and the skydiving suit counts as just a suit and you’re forced to change out of it so there’s a couple interesting contract ideas I had that are gone.


Dartmoor only has 1 unhidden exit, and I’ve only found one other locked one so far, so that would hamper routing and requirements for many contract ideas


Berlin is big (contrary to Gameinformer saying it was the most ‘compact’ of the game) but in story mode there’s only one exit and no real reason given for that (I hope there are more in Contracts mode…) EDIT: Like on Colorado, on second playthrough all the exits open up

Also there’s the fact that something special happens during Berlin mission: 7 NPCs are hunting you and there seems to be almost no regular enforcers for any disguise… is that gonna happen to the player on every single custom contract? (I let myself get caught by them, they’re just normal enforcers who happen to say scripted lines when you’re nearby is all, so I guess they’ll just be treated like regular enforcers for contracts… who for some reason say they’re looking for you)

Oh yeah and the default start area is a whole section of map, but with no NPCs in it (so again, useless for contracts)

On an unrelated note, so silly a notable character in that map has a hell German name, but goes around talking like an obnoxious American :joy:


Chongqing… big and good but during story mission part of it felt a bit too linear (i.e. the escape part) but at least that can all be avoided in contracts mode.

And yeah that’s what I’ve played so far, I hope they’ve made changes specifically for the contracts mode versions of the maps but I doubt it (will try them all after I’m done with Story, apart from Romania which obvs doesn’t even have contracts mode lel)

But yeah, I’m just wondering how this game looks when players are done replaying story mode, felt like H2 did better for the non-story replayability aspect (aka Contracts mode)

Also, like 3/4 locations I’ve played would fit right into a Deus Ex game


Dubai took me 16 minutes to complete SA on professional. Very intricate map, I liked it a lot.

I’m sure a lot of you have already seen this, but the post-it notes in Dubai security rooms with “Allen , please add details”. Is Agent Smith or Ave Maria tune anywhere?

The Dartmoor ending… Jesus fucking christ. This is so so good. I got SA in my second playthrough, started as the detective but got Alexa on Zachary’s room and that was ez.