First Person without VR

Dear Hitman Team,

i played Hitman since the first game 20 years ago.I loved every part until square enix took over. This robed the series of its soul. No Jesper Kyd music that really gave the game a special note, no first person (i know the original from 2000 did not have first person either) and no atmosphere like in the old ones. I remember the gread level in Hitman 3 Contracts Beldingford Manor ,it was scary, a nice tight level with its secrets and so on. I know you want to go back there to your roots with the new Hitman 3, smaller levels and so on. Unfortunately, that alone won’t bring back the old hitman. I hoped after the seperation from square enix, you would go back to you old style, but no.

I get that you can not/want not bring back Jesper Kyd (althought i hope you do) , but at least give us back the first person view. Hitman VR proves its possible! You yourself said that VR is much more immersive, and this is due to the 3D effect AND the first person. Why don’t give us 1 Person witout VR? Just to have a greater contrast to the VR Version to sell more? That would be painfull (but economy understandable, still a very customer unfriendly) move.

So please, since VR we all now first Person is possible and you even have it in the code. Please give us at least that. Give us back a part of the soul of the pre sqare enix Hitman era.

Berst regards,


Take a look at mods for Half Life Alyx that turn it from VR to “First person”. Its not as easy as that, and they wont do it, Im sure.

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The difference here is that Half Life Alyx was made from the beginning as a VR game, hence the difficulty to do a first person mode.

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Blood money had a first person option so now it looks like doom

SA and Contracts have that feature too