Focus on the invasive HUD

My regards to my clone brothers, Dr. Ortmeyer and the doctors

I’m happy to be able to play the new update but (because there’s always a but!) I’m disappointed to see that we still can’t remove ALL the not very useful interface of the Freelance mode which spoils the immersion.

Let me explain, the developers have done a meticulous job on the clues and dialogues in game, that said we are still forced to see the markers of “hidden” containers and couriers (Merces)

Everywhere I go, I see big green icons that are in the foreground of the screen. I used mods to remove the only persistent interface element in campaign mode, the crosshair, but I can’t start Freelance mode because of this detail that takes me out of the game immediately.

Do you think there will ever be a possibility to remove these interface elements that I find terribly annoying? Thanks a lot.

I’m also listening if you have mods but, after searching the Nexus, I only found a mod that removes all the interface (including subtitles and I can’t play without it…)
I take the opportunity to add that the small interface elements for the interactions with objects and people should be removed^^ or the size should be really reduced.

Do you realize how huge the action keys are? When we enter the palace in Paris, we have the superb intro of Novikov, a sumptuous decor and… “X SUBDUE” loool it’s the only possible interaction from the back, why not leave a small “X” only ?

Maybe I’m a bit fussy but I expel in the cosmos all the interfaces of my games (MMORPG excepted :p)

Good killings my clone brothers! -1447

A group of owls is called a parliament.

I agree whit you i think that would be a good vhange to the icon of the boxes so more expirement players can make the gamemode more harder anf the new players could see werw are the boxes and make the gamemode more easier for new players