Foggy/hazy scopes in low light areas?

I’ve been playing Hitman 3 Trilogy on Steam for a while, and I’ve noticed that when trying to use sniper scopes in low light areas, especially indoors, the scopes get really foggy or hazy. This is especially noticeable on low zoom or on scopes with the green highlighted reticules. It gets better on the scopes that have multiple zoom levels on higher zoom in, but it doesn’t go entirely away.

Is this a glitch, or is there some setting that needs to be turned on or off to fix or remedy it?

This happens also on my PS4, I remember happening inside the clock tower in Sapienza but there were also other areas where the Druzhina was nearly useless.

I think I’ve seen this effect through some windows.

With that lighting update that’s still coming - this might remedy that. I hope so. They can also do away with the pseudo reflections like they have in Hokkaido when you’re going up that long ramp towards the operating room area.

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Could you post an example screenhot?

I don’t have anything I can use to take a screenshot, but it does seem to be a common issue based on the above. Oddly, the only rifle that I have so far that’s not effected by this to some degree is the ICA Woodsman Covert. I wonder if that’s because that rifle is optimized for H3’s lighting and graphics.

Ah yes, the outdated cubemaps. Those really are very distracting.

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I made a couple of changes with shadow effects and SSAO and such, and it helped but didn’t 100% solve the issue. A lighting/light effects patch is probably needed to fix it. The two hunting rifles (regular and ICA versions) work fine no matter the light conditions, but everything else get pretty hazy/cloudy in low/poor light. The green reticule scopes are especially bad, especially at lowest zoom level.

Sorry for reviving this thread, but I’ve done quite a bit more playing with H3, and in the dark when you’re outdoors, the scopes actually look pretty good, better than in the daylight actually.

The problem is that when indoors, sometimes even in fairly well lit areas, the scopes tend to get hazy or foggy. I do think this is something in the game to do with indoor area lighting effects. However, this doesn’t feature in Hitman 1 (I went from playing Hitman 1 to Hitman 3’s trilogy pack). I don’t get that to be honest, and I wish I could be modded out or patched out.

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At least on my end I’ve come up with a partial fix. Doesn’t 100% resolve the issue, but makes it a ton more manageable/livable, and your mileage may vary as far as effectiveness if you’re having similar issues (foggy scopes indoors). Turn on HDR, set the HDR’s gamma to about 6.00, and set overall in game gamma to about .95. At least that’s what I’ve found works for me.