Food Contracts in Hitman III

Im trying to do every featured contract and now im working on the bloody show by clown 47. The thing with food contracts is ive never gotten it to work. I follow the videos exactly, i shoot four times with the kruger, throw the banana, nothing. Shoot four or five times with the paint gun, banana, nothing. What am I doing wrong?

There are parts of the body that need to be shot. The video at the bottom shows all of the agents in Berlin being killed with food. It appears to be…

1 shot in the hand
2 shots in the body
1 shot in either lower leg
Then throw the food item. (I hope I got that right :relaxed: )

The thing is, for female NPCs it’s a little different. Food contracts have been discussed plenty of times… You might be able to find what’s needed for female NPCs searching the forum, or just experiment and take notes. :confused:


This should work for feemales.
For males you have to throw an apple 2 times first after shooting, and then the needed food to kill.
Shoot them in the legs, 4 times, works 100%

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does it work for something like a gold idol or a brick of cocaine? in other words can other non-lethal items be made lethal?

If it were something like the things you mentioned you’d still throw them and they’d be non-lethal… Or, they’d act the same way as if you threw them without switching. So no. They would not be lethal.

The items that kill are the ones you can throw but cannot get a lock-on with. Like a coin. It can be thrown, but it cannot lock-on to a target/NPC.

Hold a knife, get a lock-on… Normally a knife kills when thrown with a lock-on.

Entering your inventory and switching to a non-lock-on’able item (such as a coin, apricot, red-tie kiwi)…

The game maintains the lock-on but isn’t really programmed to use (a coin, etc.) as a lethal throwing item. So you’re tricking the game into allowing you to throw the (coin) – and it just happens to kill them upon hitting them.

yeah i know that bug. i’m just saying does that fruit killing trick work with other throwable knock outs like the banana and apple? the one where you shoot them with the krueger then pelt them with said fruit.

The banana and apple - you can normally lock on with. It won’t kill like with the lethal vs non-lethal lock-on switch glitch/trick.

But what you’re talking about - yes… But you do have to prep them with the kreuger first and shoot them in the right spots. That will put them close to very low health. Then the banana/apple will finish the job.

even golden idol? i get what yer saying i’m just asking if other things can do that since the apple and banana have non-lethal properties. like if they work to with that low health concept. like if you could shoot them the way you said and then murder them with a golden idol.

For whatever reason regular melee items that would normally knock out an NPC will not kill. It’s weird, I know.

ah so it’s a no go. damn. :pensive:

FWIW, I had the idea of using the snowball (brought in during the planning phase) as a kill method for a FC submission. But my memory deceived me in thinking it knocked people down like the muffin or apple. Nope. It just knocked people out. …And that kinda doesn’t make sense. But I think the item was introduced before we got the muffins. So it acts like the crystal ball or snow globes.

I was also mistaken in thinking we got 3 of them. It’s only 1. :roll_eyes:

The mission they originated from has an abundance of 'em. That Hokkaido Snow Festival with its (ET styled) Target.

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yeah. the one where you get the the coat jacket from the prologue.

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@Tetrafish_21 @Count.Rushmore so just to check cause i never asked how do you kill female targets with food?

It is different for female NPCs… Try 1 shot to the body instead of 2.

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got it. thanks man that is really helpful.

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@Tetrafish_21 bro you can kill people with more than just food. i tested it out you can kill someone with soap. i’ve had this theory of mine and that is what if breakable thrown objects can kill? next i’m trying out a wine/whiskey bottle. i’ll give an update on how it goes.

update: tried it and it didn’t work. though the soap thing is a crazy surprise.

Right. It hits NPCs the same way as a muffin or apple. The one thing I find wrong/disappointing with the Soap item is that it doesn’t act like a banana peel. Or, at least I’ve never seen it work like that… :thinking:


and it really, really should.


per my notes:

male: 2 silverballer to leg + 1 kruger to chest + 1 muffin to head = kill
female: 4 kruger leg shot + 1 apple = kill