Food Contracts in Hitman III

Im trying to do every featured contract and now im working on the bloody show by clown 47. The thing with food contracts is ive never gotten it to work. I follow the videos exactly, i shoot four times with the kruger, throw the banana, nothing. Shoot four or five times with the paint gun, banana, nothing. What am I doing wrong?

There are parts of the body that need to be shot. The video at the bottom shows all of the agents in Berlin being killed with food. It appears to be…

1 shot in the hand
2 shots in the body
1 shot in either lower leg
Then throw the food item. (I hope I got that right :relaxed: )

The thing is, for female NPCs it’s a little different. Food contracts have been discussed plenty of times… You might be able to find what’s needed for female NPCs searching the forum, or just experiment and take notes. :confused:


This should work for feemales.
For males you have to throw an apple 2 times first after shooting, and then the needed food to kill.
Shoot them in the legs, 4 times, works 100%

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