Forum arrangements

I believe that with the coming of Hitman: World of Assassination the forum should be reorganized accordingly.

With all the things going on in Freelancer I would appreciate a bit more structure as to those discussions. A separate category for that mode, and for all game modes (campaign/arcade/contracts/Freelancer) should be the most useful and clear.

I would also appreciate some organisation within the current general debate topic. One thing is the people eager to help, stating where items could be found and other hints. I think it would be good for those who want to seek that stuff out for themselves that these matters are seperated and discussed in a different topic.

Other ideas welcome but the current way doesn’t really work for me all that well.

The good thing is that we don’t need to reach level 57 to start redecorating the place!


In which way? Having one huge parent category that fuses the three other? Wouldn’t that kinda mess up the category view?

But we already have a Freelancer category?

  • Campaign, what kind of threads would exist in there? The main missions are better discussed in each location category. The plot?
  • ET Arcade had two threads bumped in the last month. I don’t really see if that needs it’s own category.
  • Contracts mode, I personally highly prefer there to be only one big thread. It is easier to skim through it when you want to look around for existing contracts. Having one thread for a contract is too much, and the Featured Contract threads are also just active one at a time, not much to organize there.

I might get a better idea what would work good with some more info, like generally what kind of threads you expect there to be. :smiley:

Personally I don’t use categories at all, my start page is set to Latest and it might give me an idea what a new thread is about, it has not much impact in my usage. Besides the leaks category and the Lounge that have some extra aspects.

How do you use categories?


I have literally just discovered categories :smiley: Thank you.

I use this forum according to the main index (support, Hitman 3, etc. down onto the Lounge), and then indeed by sorting them by latest. When I spoke of categories I spoke of those (e.g. lounge).

I guess I should use it better then. But would merging the Hitman 3-Hitman 1 not make sense given the way IOI approaches it in game? Then you still have the location categories to divide things up. Why would the ICA training facility belong more in one than the other for example? Where should an ET appearing in a Paris map be discussed?

I do hope that the Freelancer topic will soon break out in subaspects of its rich gameplay. The general thread is extremely overwhelming.


Forum categories are purely designed for our usability. So less about what IO does but instead what the user does.

When someone wants to discuss Paris, what would they search for to find the appropiate place? I think people would be kinda new here if they had to search for it, so they might be more familiar with the WoT title than Hitman 2016. In that way a change would indeed be helpful. Especially now that you can’t buy the first two games as such and the third has a different name.

But is a category with 24 subcategories good to use? Like I said, the category view would look weirdly stretched apart. I don’t know, maybe we do that but I still look for a better idea. Having maps being main categories would not work well either I think. :thinking:

Speaking of which, let me move this thread to the Site Feedback category where it fits better. :stuck_out_tongue: