Framerate Issues [PC]

Since Hitman 3 launched, I constantly encounter (10+ times per play session) an issue where my framerate slows from 60+fps to capped at 24 and below. It’s not an issue with my computer because I can play fine with 60+fps the majority of the time, but if I tab out of the game then go back in, there’s a chance that my framerate slows down heavily. It’s really annoying when I get a message on Discord and then go back in to find that my game has slowed to a crawl.

A temporary fix for this can be to rapidly tab in and out of the game and sometimes that fixes it. Another fix that works more often is lowering most of the settings, then one the game becomes fast again, just raise them and it works fine.

This is a very odd issue and I’m wondering if anyone else has encountered this bug and if they’ve managed to fix it?

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I don’t really alt-tab when playing games, so I haven’t encountered this, but have you tried changing the fullscreen/borderless window setting? Is game mode off in windows? I’ve heard that causes issues with multi-tasking.

Game Mode is off and I’ve tried using different types of resolutions and window settings but it still slows down, so I’m quite confident it’s not an issue of my computer not being capable enough.

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Discord has an option to use gpu to accelerate loading

Switching tab redirects resources maybe make hitman high priority in task manager