France, CURTAINS DOWN (Mission #2) - Discussion Thread

image WoA-style discussion thread for Curtains Down. Share your thoughts and discoveries about this level.

Hello 47. We’ve got some business at the Paris Opera. There are two targets: The famous tenor, and Richard Delahunt, the American Ambassador to the Vatican.

Our client claims they’re behind a prostitution ring trafficking in boys and girls from Eastern Europe. Tosca is still in rehearsal, so there’s plenty of activity at the opera-house and you shouldn’t be too conspicuous. Ambassador Delahunt watches most rehearsals from his box. He travels with an armed escort, but there shouldn’t be any other security to speak of. You’ll get some cover from the construction crew renovating the theater for the new season. We’ve also left you a pick-up at the cloak room. In the third act of Tosca, the tenor faces a firing squad.

That scene may provide a useful opportunity. It’s a straightforward assignment, 47, but the Agency’s been having some problems in Paris. Use extreme caution.


  • Alvaro D’Alvade
  • Richard Delahunt

Delahunt is not a good target. He can go fuck himself.


I’ll be honest, I never got the hype for this level. But instead of being dismissive I’ll bring up the nice memories I have with it.

When I was younger I used to play Blood Money with challenge runs, things like no knock outs, suit only, ect. I thought I was the only one because I wasn’t smart enough to google Hitman Forum back in the day.

The first level I ever did really extensive runs on was Till Death Do Us Part since it’s mostly accessible in the suit, but this was the second level I grinded my life away on. As much as I don’t like the scripted kills here I do love the various ways you can get backstage, I kept trying to perfect it even though in hindsight the runs weren’t that good. If Blood Money had a contracts mode this map would really benefit from it.

Good memories, good layout, not my favourite to actually play.


Fun fact: if you go to Delahunt’s viewing chamber with only him, and no guards, he recognizes 47, and tries to beg for mercy.


Flawed Level with way too much waiting when playing as intended and the Opera rehearsal really annoys me, just like the music in Landslide.

The idea of the level is very cool and the Targets are interesting (backstory, not gameplaywise).
Also i think thats would be their favorite Song:


i would just shoot the opera singer to get rid of the music.