Free Hitman 2016 in Epic Games Store

I get free HITMAN 2016 in August 2020. I can not access patient zero maps. In Epic Games Store the game only exists Game of the Year edition. I mailed Epic Games Support, they said we gived Game of the Year, you must already access patient zero maps too, If you can not access this maps, you can contact with the game support.

Hitman 2016 doesn’t have access to Patient Zero.

Normally, I must access the Patient Zero in GOTY because I can’t buy HITMAN GOTY upgrade pack too. It says, “You doesn’t meet requirements,we’re sorry”. Which requirements? If anything you not own already, you can buy it. Something is really strange 'bout that.

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It has, but not the basic version. GOTY Edition has

That is weird. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Have you tried to reinstall the game?
Might help

I tried but It doesn’t works. I think we have a problem about ownership, because store says, “not available” but on every game page I already own. It says “you already own”.

Wait for a sometime, I guess.

@Travis_IOI @Clemens_IOI please jump in


Epic never gave GOTY edition for free, unless there was a second giveaway that I don’t know, so most likely, the supporter misunderstood.

I got the free version as well, and just like you, the GOTY edition is unavailable to purchase.

However, the GOTY upgrade add-on is available for purchase for me for $20. It might be the case for you too.

Yes It’s available for me too but in payment page it says.

“You doesn’t meet requirements,we’re sorry”.

And here is the conversation between with EGS

I don’t plan to buy it, so I can’t confirm or deny that it is a normal case. But yeah, it should be fixed then.

It’s still weird that Epic says they gave GOTY edition while players got The Complete First Season.

At the very beginning, The game name was only HITMAN, after a while, i don’t know how long after that i think 1 and a half months later or 2, the game renamed to HITMAN GOTY at the store page and I think who got the game before this update, they didn’t receive the GOTY DLC or something like that, but actually they want to give HITMAN GOTY.

Hello, I downloaded Hitman from the Epic Store, I finished the missions of the game in a few days, I wanted to play it again after a while but the game saved me all my progress and I wanted to know how to start with a new game every time i want to play it
Thank you