Freelancer Challenges: Full list with a more systematic order

In the patch notes for the Freelancer update IOI mention that they have reorganized the menu order for some challenges in a more logical manner. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to apply to Freelancer challenges, which are a hot mess. After becoming annoyed with the chaotic and inconsistent order, I went ahead and made my own list, which you can find below. I’ve grouped similar challenges together and put them into categories that seem fitting to me.

Blurred text hides challenge objectives that are redacted or otherwise not explicitly stated. The name of the respective challenge is given in italics.
I hope you’ll find this list as useful as I do (:

Feel free to use this thread to discuss challenge related topics. If some of you eventually become the GOAT, you can tell us about it here as well. I think bragging is totally deserved for that ridiculous challenge. Even the reduced amount of 2500 eliminations is still insane and I’m not sure when or if I will get this myself.

Hitman Freelancer Challenges

Career Progress and Money

  • Complete a difficulty 1 syndicate (Easy Mode)
  • Complete a difficulty 2 syndicate (Normal Mode)
  • Complete a difficulty 3 syndicate (Hard Mode)
  • Complete a difficulty 4 syndicate (Professional Mode)
  • Complete a contract in hardcore mode (Hardened Assassin)
  • Complete a showdown in hardcore mode (Untouchable)
  • Complete a campaign in hardcore mode (The Hitman)
  • Complete 10 campaigns (You Urned This)
  • Complete 50 campaigns (Slow But Steady)
  • Complete 100 campaigns (Top Dog)
  • Enter your first Prestige Level (Prestige Level I)
  • Advance Prestige 3 times (Prestige Level II)
  • Advance Prestige 5 times (Prestige Level III)
  • Advance Prestige 7 times (Prestige Level IV)
  • Advance Prestige 10 times (Prestige Level V)
  • Successfully complete 5 alerted showdowns (Living on the Edge)
  • Complete a syndicate from 8 different syndicate types (Crime Stomper)
  • Reach mastery level 100 (Home Sweet Home)
  • Earn 7 500 Merces in a single mission payout (High Roller)
  • Earn a total of 50 000 Merces (Pocket Money)
  • Earn a total of 500 000 Merces (Loaded)
  • Lose 50 000 Merces by failing a mission (A Worthy Sacrifice)

Defeat 10 of Each of the Following Syndicate Types

  • Arms Trafficking (Arms Trafficking)
  • Assassination (Assassination)
  • Big Pharma (Big Pharma)
  • Eco Crime (Eco Crime)
  • Espionage (Espionage)
  • Organ Trafficking (Organ Trafficking)
  • Psy Ops (Psy Ops)
  • Sick Games (Sick Games)

Objectives and Feats

  • Complete 10 Silent Assassin payout objectives (Silent But Deadly)
  • Complete any of the following payout objectives 20 times: Hide Target Bodies, Hide Target Bodies – Timed, No Bodies Found, Destroy Camera Recorder (Mr. Clean)
  • Complete 100 payout objectives (PTFO)
  • Complete 10 timed prestige objectives (Fly, You Fool!)
  • Complete 50 prestige objectives (Signed, Sealed, Delivered)
  • Arrange 10 meetings using burner phones (Prank Caller)
  • Exit 20 missions without eliminating all targets (Cold Feet)
  • Eliminate 25 assassins (No Room for Competition)
  • Eliminate 25 lookouts (Coast is Clear!)
  • Crack 10 safes (Better Safe Than Sorry)
  • Crack 100 safes (Cat Burglar)
  • Use the safehouse supply crate 50 times (Feeling Lucky?)
  • Collect gear from 100 stashes (Scavenger)
  • [Redacted] Die on a mission (I’ll Be Back)
  • Find Tranquility (Sit on the yoga mat outside the safehouse by the water and meditate for 5 minutes) (Ave Maria)
  • [Redacted] Fail 10 showdowns by dying or ending the mission without eliminating the leader (Sometimes Maybe Good. Sometimes Maybe Shit)

Eliminate Syndicate Leaders

  • 20 leaders in total (Employee of the Week)
  • 100 leaders in total (Employee of the Month)
  • 500 leaders in total (Employee of the Year)
  • 10 leaders while they’re escaping (On the Move)
  • 10 leaders by pushing them over a ledge (Head Over Heels)
  • 10 leaders with natural/crafted poison (Natural Selection)
  • 10 leaders while they’re performing a tell (Poetic Justice)
  • 25 leaders with poison (Don’t Lick Me)
  • 25 leaders with a sniper rifle (Bullseye)
  • 25 leaders in accidents (Puzzle Master)
  • 25 leaders with a fiber wire (High in Fiber)
  • 25 leaders with headshots (Melon Man)
  • Eliminate a leader with an item retrieved from a suspect (Return to Sender)
  • Eliminate a leader within 60 seconds of arriving (Faster Than Your Own Shadow)
  • Eliminate a leader during a meeting (Meeting Adjourned)
  • Eliminate a leader in 9 different territories (Around the World)
  • Strangle 10 leaders wearing a necklace (A Necklace to Die For)

Eliminate Syndicate Members

  • 100 members in total (Crime Fighter)
  • 500 members in total (Vigilante)
  • 2500 members in total (GOAT)

Eliminate Syndicate Members or Leaders

  • 10 members or leaders with proximity explosives (Surprise!)
  • 10 members or leaders with remote explosives (Remote Controlled)
  • 10 members or leaders with lethal pills (Pills Here!)
  • 47 members or leaders with the katana (Way of the Samurai)
  • 100 members or leaders with headshots using the Druzhina 34 (Strelok)
  • 100 members or leaders with legendary gear (Legendary)

Eliminate 50 Syndicate Members or Leaders in …

  • Paris (Show-off)
  • Sapienza (Deadly Vacation)
  • Marrakesh (Let the Darkness Unfold)
  • Bangkok (Mai Pen Rai)
  • Colorado (Autumn Harvest)
  • Hokkaido (Oyasumi)
  • Miami (The Finish Line)
  • Santa Fortuna (Jungle Boogie)
  • Mumbai (Please Come Again!)
  • Whittleton Creek (Suburban Dream)
  • Isle of Sgail (High Society)
  • New York (Eat the Rich)
  • Haven (Welcome to Haven)
  • Dubai (Oil Money)
  • Dartmoor (Tea Time!)
  • Berlin (Untz! Untz)
  • Chongqing (Neon City)
  • Mendoza (Deadly Hangover)
  • Ambrose Island (Beach Closed)


  • Poison 50 suspects (Order Up!)
  • Eliminate all suspects in a showdown (Cheesing It)
  • Eliminate a suspect that is not the syndicate leader with lethal poison (Bad Taste)
  • Eliminate 25 suspects using fire (Burning Man)
  • Eliminate 50 suspects that are not leaders (Let the Chips Fall Where They May)

Collect Weapons for the Safehouse Gear Walls

  • 10 melee weapons (Up Close and Personal)
  • 10 pistols (Gunslinger)
  • 10 SMGs (Spray and Pray)
  • 10 shotguns (Let’s Go Hunting)
  • 10 rifles (This is My Rifle)
  • 10 snipers (One Shot, One Kill)
  • 1 legendary weapon (Gun Master)
  • 47 firearms in total (Collector)

Thank you very much for this, makes approaching the challenges a little easier and systematic.


this counts up every time you fail a showdown level


How long do I have to mediate by the sea to get the Ave Maria challenge unlocked?

Edit: Nevermind, it happened… :sweat_smile: Guess I am too impatient for meditation


Nah you need to fail 10 campaigns for this one. Just failing a level doesn’t count, unless it’s a showdown of course.


Requiring people to fail and lose in-game money to unlock challenges is dumb as shit. Talk about promoting the “grind”. Horrible.


It’s easier on the wallet than “A Worthy Sacrifice” at least :x You can just like spend all your merces on weapons to “bank” them, then select any syndicate with Colorado, bonk the first guy you come across and have a happy little accident while emptying his shotgun into an oil barrel. Then do it again 9 times without losing any money :slight_smile:

Edit: 19 times actually since you need to fail twice to fail a campaign. Yeah it’s kinda grindy I guess :confused:

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Thanks @jan342, I was just looking for that.

Also : Top Dog, 100 campaigns, looks like it’s going to be the longest one.
Ironically enough, I think that by the time we complete it we will have eliminated the 10.000 members of the original GOAT.


This is a great thread.
I have long complained about the confusing order of “challenges”, “firearms”, “tools”, “suits”, etc. in HITMAN.
The game seems to change the order of items in different languages, and interestingly, lockpick mark 2 is behind lockpick mark 3 in language of my country.
If possible, I would like to see a “sorting function” or “favorite registration function” for these items in the game system.


How are you meant to complete “Natural Selection” where you have to eliminate 10 Leaders with natural/crafted poison? I crafted a poison using the mushroom in the woods before going to New York, killed the target with the poison but it didn’t register towards the challenge.

Does the source of the poison have to be a lethal flower? Is there on in the safe house somewhere?

I presume you’d need to craft the poison on the map itself eg Mendoza in the vineyard and Dartmoor in the greenhouse, but i may be wrong

Thanks for the information regarding Sometimes Maybe Good. Sometimes Maybe Shit. I’ve updated the original post.

@thrison I’m surprised it didn’t work for you. I haven’t tried it yet, but I would’ve done the exact same thing :man_shrugging:

The ‘Cold Feet’ challenge is a little mad.
Rather than messing up other missions, I started 20x missions and immediately left.
I have no tools and 0M but the challenge is completed. :joy:


Just tried that too, but the crafting station was removed in Dartmoor. :confused:


Maybe you´re just meant to use one of the natural poison sources on specific maps, like the flowers and frogs (or maybe even the fugu fish)? Those at least have their separate labels and can be used straight away, but if you make a crafted poison, it´s essentially the same one like the “regular” ones, right, so how would the game even know if it was crafted or not? (could be the challenge is bugged/misleading when it comes to these)


Just farmed the 10 crafted poison in Mendoza, you need to craft a lethal poison in the crafter. Gained 41000 exp Point after that


Wow, how exactly to do it? Just find rat poison & turn them into lethal poison? Or need to use the poison after it crafted? Is this replicable? For example, everytime I got Mendoza map I can farm XP similar to farm money in New York…it work that way?

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I had the Emetic mushroom of the safehouse with me. If you go to Mendoza, there is a poison crafted there (vigneto area). You can use the Emetic mushroom to craft a LETAL poison, you must use It. I killer my target, waited a few second and then restarted the mission (because of the Challenge, and I think I’ll never genuinly do It 10 times so I decided to force It). The game remembers all your progression and the 10 tries I’ve done bought me 41k exp. Not fun, but at least an annoying Challenge is gone


I think for Cold Feet I will do them at the second contract of the first syndicate.
So :

  • first contract as normal (I mean, first syndicate, it will choose one with 1 target)
  • exit the second contract. Progress on “Cold Feet” challenge
  • the showdown is now alerted, First syndicate is still easy-ish in alerted. And as a bonus : progress on “Living on the Edge” challenge (5 successful alerted showdowns)

I don’t think I will truly cheese any of the challenges. I plan on making Freelancer my “listening to something , and I wish to occupy the rest of my mind” game. So having challenges to look for in a slow but steady manner will be my way to go.


I’m grinding “Cold Feet” at the moment and it’s pretty annoying. Basically I try to look for syndicates with New York to rob the vault, then spend all my money on some random trash weapons to lessen the merces loss on campaign fail. It’s still super tedious, 20 occurences of something you probably wouldn’t normally do even once is way too long. On the other hand it would have been a perfect combo with “Sometimes Maybe Good, Sometimes Maybe Shit” if I hadn’t already unlocked that one by playing bad :smiley: