Freelancer cosmetics?

So I went to change my safe house (living room) after unlocking a new cosmetic at level like 27?? I think. My pc froze and I got kicked out so when I went back in to change it again the option to customize wasn’t there and I saw that the next living room unlock is at mastery 52. Is there another way to upgrade without leveling up first? It’s taken my so long to even get to lvl 30.


Did you try using instinct at the area where you customized that room? That’s how you modify things after you first unlock them

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I can try! It just sucks because unlocks means they should always be accessible??

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Yes, but you don’t want to walk through your house and have redecorate interaction prompts everywhere. I think they did a really good job “hiding” those behind instinct.

Or are you now completely locked out of redecorating that area?


I have similar problem with Kitchen. This same bug was in TTS, when I try decorate or even enable new kitchen spot, something goes wrong, nothing happen but after that I can’t interact with any other element of Safehouse. I need to restart game, which of course force me to re-do everything.