Freelancer crashing

I’m on a PC (a new one because my old one was dying). Game has been working well. I just finished a mission in Whittleton Creek (badly–but finished). 47 was wounded and when Diana is talking it shows I am over weapon capacity (18/10). It crashes every time and since there are no save game options I can’t load an earlier version. Being over capacity is the only reason I can find for game to stop before I can even drop some of them. Any ideas?

Start mission with minumum weapon so not to overcome the threshold and see if it helps.
Also try to mininize the graphics options up to lowest settings and see if it helps.

It’s a weird thing that this insignificant factor could cause game to crash. My guess it’s something more to it.
Try also to reinstall graphics driver with clean install and clear Shader Cache before launching the game again.
You can do so by deleting HITMAN3 whole folder:
C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Local\IO Interactive\HITMAN3

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You could try this to check if it’s really the full inventory that causes this: Start Freelancer, pause immediately (by going to the menu), and then quit to main menu. That should empty out your inventory.

Crashing (or closing the app) keeps your inventory saved for your next session, closing the game via the game’s menu let’s you start with an empty inventory.

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My Freelancer keeps crashing just as I’m about to be shot to death during a mission on an Alerted Territory. It’s really weird.


That worked! Thank you! When I was starting Freelancer it opened with a wounded 47 recovering and an over-filled inventory left over from last mission. Game stopped immediately. After following your suggestion it’s a clean opening and no crash.

Thank you for the suggestions. Apparently it was an overfilled inventory at the end of the last mission though. I had picked up a lot during the mission and had them in my inventory when I exited that mission. as well as the game itself. Restarting later opened the scene of a wounded 47 recovering he still had the inventory on him (18/10) and I guess it was too much for the game to handle so it stopped. I followed another suggestion to start Freelancer, pause immediately and quit through the menu. Restarting game then opened with 47 chopping wood instead of the hospital room and no inventory other than the camera. The game is working now.

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Great to know.
Still it’s a strange situation.
I suggest to submit a support ticket to IOI describing as detailed as possible this situation which occured to you so that they could dig in and explore the problem to fix it not to encounter with similar in the future.
You can do so here:

Awesome, glad I could help!

Good idea. Ticket submitted.

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It works, man! I’m so thankful to you! I was almost beginning to give up.