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I noted this down on TV Tropes; really the Fiber Wire in general is pretty hard to use in Freelancer. It’s not bad, but neither is it all that good, especially since the actual Fiber Wire is superseded by the free stethoscope, as you said.

The only mechanical difference is that it costs 2 gear weight instead of 1, which…isn’t much of a downside.


Anyone knows where the circuit board is in the alerted colombia map? Just dumped my target in the machine but can’t find the circuit to turn it on and the red box is not on the trees. Guess I will have to restart.

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A heads up: if you have the “don’t blow your disguise” prestige objective, your disguise only counts as blown when it says you’re hunted.

You can be spotted multiple times, just don’t let it escalate. Maybe that is common knowledge, but I only found that out yesterday after screwing it up for the first time lol.

Notably, if you leave while in combat before your status has the chance to go to “hunted”, it doesn’t count against you


Do Ornamental weapons reappear at reward crates or at suppliers? Because I lost some of them, I’m afraid. Yes, including the sniper rifle :skull:


Yep, they do indeed reappear.


Chose ‘Incapacitate(?) a Lookout’ PO for a showdown in Sapienza. It was the 1st level, but I had to look everywhere to find one. And where was he? The only single lookout in the whole map? A plainclothes civilian in the Ether lab. :rage:

He got a well-deserved explosive golf ball to the cranium for making me go on a quest to find his stupid :peach: .


Is this a bug? I’ve tried to open a door in Chongqing but only got the suspect camera. I’ve collected all the tier-specific dongles:


I don’t know if this is a thing, but I just got both drowning kill and push kill objective by dumping an unconcious target (banana slip) in the river in Dartmoor. Whatt??

(You can see in the HUD that only 1 target is killed but both kill objectives are completed)

Edit: I don’t know how it works in Freelancer, but in Contracts Mode it would’ve counted as a fall kill (or “push” in this case).


How I play my 47: Cold, calculated killer, gets the job done no matter what

How Heisenberg plays 47: Total Equipment Snob :face_with_monocle:

jk still luv u heisenberg :kissing_heart:

Edit: oops replied to a week old comment, sorry


Hey, a cold, calculated killer might get the job done no matter what, but they also come prepared with the right tools to do the job correctly as quickly as possible. A professional like 47 is likely going to use the tool that is specifically designed for the job once he has it in his possession, rather than everyday items that can be used for the same purpose but are not meant for that purpose, on the off-chance that they’ll break while in use. I know gameplay doesn’t have that risk, but if we’re talking playing as 47, come on people, we’ve got to have some standards here.


I wanted to test what would happen if I pass through a frisk while my illegal weapons are not loaded in my inventory, the frisk went through normally but at the end the guard said “this is no good, sir!” and draw his pistol and I got compromised. :joy:


Spurred on by getting a PS5 and having much faster load times, I decided to play more Freelancer. I managed to collect all of the weapons again and get Prestige Level 3 in under a week, which is surprising since Prestige Level 2 took me 2.5 months to get. Based on load times being about 30 seconds faster on PS5 and taking 5 campaigns to Prestige, the console saved me about an hour and a half of waiting on the loading screen. I guess the moral is the reduced load times made the mode a lot more engaging to me!

What really surprised me about playing Freelancer again is that there’s still some safe spawn locations I’ve never seen before, like the one on the balcony of the Chawls in Mumbai and one at the café Noel Crest eats at in Ambrose Island. Props to IO for adding so many potential spawn locations!

Something interesting is that with this recent progress, I’ve earned more XP from just my performance in Freelancer missions than I’ve earned from challenge and performance XP from every other mission in the trilogy: 5,944,525 XP out of a total 11,225,080 XP. Based off of my progress toward Employee of the Year, I’m now 35% of the way done with Freelancer!


I’m not 100% sure but because he slipped on a banana, it could register as a drown and because it was falling in water, that does count as a push fall kill. So maybe it registers as both cuz of the banana? Try testing it out in contracts mode a few times and see what results you get. :man_shrugging:

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What counts as drowning seems inconsistent in this game. It might vary with locations? For example, if you drag an unconscious body in Hokkaido’s outdoor hot tub it counts as a drowning kill. I don’t think the same counts as drowning if you drag an unconscious body into Haven’s water though, weirdly enough

Yeah I’m aware of those scenarios. It is inconsistent, but one of the two things happen, not both at once lol. Well anyway we’re getting the big update today. Who knows, maybe this is fixed in it too.

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I take my hat off to you for this. I play Freelancer a hell of a lot, but it’s taken me absolutely ages just to collect everything back after just one Prestige and I still haven’t got everything back yet.

Once I have, I don’t think I’ll be doing it again! :grin: Think I’ll just stick to enjoying playing Freelancer with a full inventory.


Patch today, everyone! Let’s see what happens and what they do in Freelancer (if they do make changes). :sweat_smile:

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The notes have been published, for Freelancer the largest changes gameplay wise are :

  • Perfect Run objective have been disabled, at least until a proper fix is made. Better nothing than broken.
  • Alt+F4 is back. The changes made previously are reverted.
  • Dropping the chloroform flask is now an illegal action, for balance purposes

The rest are bug and QoL fixes.


This seems like an odd one to focus on. Were people doing this? And why would it be a Freelancer-specific change?

Probably speedrunners. :smile:

Or anyone apparently. I guess it’s too easy to use to get a sedative poison objective.

This is where the aim with a coin at their feet and switch to chloroform as you throw would come in handy. This way it won’t lock onto the target and melee KO them.