How many Undercover Assassins and Lookouts?

Does every suspect have one Undercover Assassin and one Lookout?
Or there are more, or random number?

How about Hard core mode? Is it the same rule / number?

Not all suspects will have a bodyguard. And I’ve noticed sometimes it’ll be the Leader that won’t have one… Sometimes they will. As for lookouts… They seem to patrol a certain area, and how many will there be? There don’t seem to be many. So you have to keep your eyes open. But they do seem to patrol the same places.

And given the level you’re at, the higher you are the more suspects there’ll be.

To answer this properly someone would have to make up a chart/diagram. :sweat_smile:


At the very least, every first non-alerted showdown I’ve ever done has had exactly one lookout and one assassin. This implies to me that there could also be a set amount for other later showdowns and alerted showdowns, but I haven’t taken the time to measure it.

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In Hardcore, every suspect has an assassin following them around. I’m not sure if it’s the same with alerted showdowns in normal mode. :thinking:


Since this post, I have played 2 campaigns all the way through. I played each showdown on a different non-Alerted map and these were my findings. The numbers were the same both times so I assume they will be consistent for every non-Alerted showdown:

1st Showdown: 4 Suspects, 1 Lookout, 1 Assassin

2nd Showdown: 6 Suspects, 3 Lookouts, 2 Assassins

3rd Showdown: 6 Suspects, 3 Lookouts, 3 Assassins

4th Showdown: 9 Suspects, 7 Lookouts, 4 Assassins

From these numbers, it seems that larger maps are more favorable to use for the final showdown so that the Lookouts are spread out more. If I have the willpower, I may try to do another post for the Alerted showdown numbers or the Hardcore showdown numbers.


OK, I’m back with more stats! This time, data for Alerted showdowns! FYI, the numbers are the same regardless of whether the showdown is alerted by default when you choose a syndicate or it became alerted by failing an earlier mission.

1st Showdown: 4 Suspects, 3 Lookouts, 3 Assassins

2nd Showdown: 6 Suspects, 5 Lookouts, 4 Assassins

3rd Showdown: 6 Suspects, 5 Lookouts, 5 Assassins

4th Showdown: 9 Suspects, 9 Lookouts, 6 Assassins

As you can see, an Alerted showdown has 2 additional Lookouts and 2 additional Assassins spawn compared to a non-Alerted showdown. I’m not feeling masochistic enough to collect data on Hardcore showdowns right now, maybe in a few months.


This is awesome statistics. Thanks, @lukefsje

These are the numbers for hardcore showdowns:

1st Showdown: 9 suspects, 9 lookouts, 9 assassins;

2nd Showdown: 9 suspects, 12 lookouts, 9 assassins;

3rd Showdown: 12 suspects, 15 lookouts, 12 assassins;

4th Showdown: 12 suspects, 18 lookouts, 12 assassins.


Thanks for doing the Hardcore numbers! I wasn’t particularly interested in doing Hardcore again, mainly because there’s too damn many lookouts and assassins on Hardcore (as the numbers show).

The lookouts are always in preset locations that you can eventually memorize if you play a map often enough. I wonder if 18 is the maximum number of spawns possible on the map.


I certainly memorized all the lookouts from Whittleton Creek by now :joy:. But I don’t know, maybe bigger maps have more lookouts, unfortunatelly I dont have the resources to wander hardcore Mumbai searching for all the lookouts around the city. I just assumed there is a preset amount for them.

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