Freelancer - General Discussion

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Associate game director of Freelancer, Jonas Breum Jensen:

Freelancer exists in a separate parallel timeline.

On the one hand the narrative of being a freelancer and operating solo with Diana, but without belonging to a bigger organization like ICA, fits with where the story of where Hitman 3 ends. But on the other hand the actual on-mission gameplay in Freelancer takes place on the same time as the main missions, in most cases, so that gives a narrative disconnect to make the post-Hitman 3 idea work fully […] we also decided to leave a bit of ambiguity so that players who like to pretend that the gameplay takes place after Hitman 3 can do that, without too much distraction from the established canon.

Basically, it is set up so that you can roleplay it as being connected to the main story, but it is in fact not canon.

On general note, I recommend reading this interview. I gotta give it up for Torbjørn Vinther Christensen, the real MVP of IO. He truly understands the appeal of the pure assassin fantasy. And, you know, the fact that he was behind both Sapienza and Hokkaido.

I think an underestimated part of the hardcore fanbase likes to play slow and immersive.
I like how he emphasized fans having the opportunity to plan out hits, maintain weapons arsenal, do roleplaying. It’s such an understated part of the Hitman experience, in a time where most reviewers and YouTubers are saying: “Who plays Hitman for immersion? It’s about gameplay only”.