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I never knew that about the Burial Dagger either :grin:

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I literally love Colorado now for showdowns and do it all the time. Its so easy. Just get the hacker or point man disguise and you’re flying. Achieved SA so often. Still trying for my first SA/SO though.

I’m also doing my first real hardcore run. On the third set of syndicates in the campaign and did Colorado again. Took me about 35 minutes but again, showdowns in Colorado whether normal, alerted or hardcore, i find it very easy and no problem getting SA either. The map being flat and smaller actually is an advantage cuz the suspects don’t go roaming around the entire map. They just cycle around the same vicinity all the time unless they go to a meeting.

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Yes they need to add another suitcase for more tools.
I’d really like the big one, napoleon, robot flash, molotov, etc etc. tools that are really a one time use so if you use it, you lose it and need to purchase/find again.


I totally forgot about this but is the virus poison available in freelancer to get where it’s hidden in the main game?

I agree. Also, like I’ve posted previously, we also need three new weapon glass cabinets to fill in the open space we have.


I know it would just be an aesthetic thing but I would love if they allowed us to bring in our own suitcases!

Maybe add specific suitcases around the maps (Chonqiang could have the red/black suitcase you can unlock through escalations, the toolkit suitcase in from Mandoza and such)
You could only collect them, and if you forget to bring it back you would have to find it again.
And if you just bring the large weapon and doesnt put it in a case, then you’ll just spawn with the standard suitcase.


Does matter? Even if it is there, it can only be used against De Santis, and she’s never a Freelancer target.

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When you have all 47’s briefcases in the Safehouse basement and you can’t even pick one of them up to put your sniper in drives my OCD through the wall :joy:

It would be so cool to have the ability to pack your sniper away into one of the briefcases and have 47 walk through the Safehouse making his way to the boat or Helicopter whilst holding his briefcase :grin:


Oh i didn’t know that. Tbh, i never used the virus since playing hitman. Not even once. I thought it could be used on anybody.

Nope, just DeSantis. It was actually the first way I ever killed her. It’s great because you can leave it anywhere along her path, or anywhere that you can manipulate her into going, and once she’s in range, she just keels right over. Easy-peezy lemon-squeezy.

lol i got to try it now.

He would if it was a ‘blend in’ interaction :smirk:

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Has anyone else noticed that the parameters of remaining missions in Freelancer can change after completing one? You can start a mission that has your starting location in one place, that has three couriers and a safe, disconnect and start a different mission on a different map instead, then go back to the one you quit and now, it can start you in a different place, and may now have no couriers or safe, or only one, or just a safe, or any other combo. Not only that, and I’m not sure on this one, my memory might be playing tricks on me, but I recently had a map that showed one target, I did a different map, then went back to so that one and it now showed two targets. Anyone else notice or keep track of things like this happening? Too bad the objectives can rearrange as well.

Yes, noticed this as well. I often use this if I get some really hard objectives.

That’s something to be mindful of in the future. I never knew anything about that.

It is quite amusing to spend 45 min on the map in hardcore mode only to find that target was spawned in an unreachable spot. Interesting kind of challenge.


Like where? Can you explain please?

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Hardcore campaing.
Second Showdown.
Whittleton Creek.
After 43 minutes, I killed all suspects to find the target was spawned in a non-active area of the map. So it was unreachable. I only found assasin in the garage where, on a normal map, it is joint.


Ok, most likely what happened here is a glitch that causes some targets, usually a woman with dark hair in a ponytail, to just walk on air or through walls and off the map. I’ve seen this happen primarily in Whittleton Creek and Mumbai, and has required me to shoot the target in the leg while they’re walking a hundred feet in the air, which causes them to stumble out of the air and fall to their deaths, where it comes out as an accident kill.


Oh crap, that’s hilarious.