Freelancer - General Discussion

Freelancer is still just a small part to show what 47 has been up to post Untouchable (Hitman III epilogue). Of course in the next game we’re not going to get any references that 47 has killed dozens of syndicate leaders in Paris or Marrakesh because he won’t have actually killed them at that location because of game mechanics. If anything in the next game, we may just get a reference of 47 and Diana being Freelance operatives and they took out various syndicate leaders, but we very likely won’t get any details as to where they were eliminated because what’s left up to player ambiguity.

So this essentially means Freelancer is cannon, set post Hitman III, but we ignore the presence of the campaign targets in missions, very much like Elusive Targets as they’re part of the canon story as well, as proven in the ICA Date Core.

In summery, the Safehouse, 47 and Diana undertaking Freelance contracts post Hitman III epilogue is a canon part of the story. This ties too well into the ‘New Deal’ cutscene. The location as to where the Syndicate members and Leaders are eliminated is not a canon part of the story and it’s left up to player ambiguity. You could say this is a similar situation to Elusive Targets, they are a canon part of the story, but their location as to where they’re eliminated is left up to the players because not every one is eliminated at the same Paris fashion show, or at the same street protest in Marrakesh.

Class post! This sums it all up perfectly :grin: