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You used the same line of argumentation, just before my post? Here:

That is a big discussion in literature and media theory: the death of the author vs. the authoritative author. We’re not gonna solve that one here, but fact is, you set the parameters for that line of argumentation yourself.

How can both of you arrive at that, when the interview literally says:

When does Freelancer take place on the Hitman game timeline, if it does at all?
Freelancer exists in a separate parallel timeline.

Let me help. The quote above is the main statement, and everything coming after is said to elaborate that point. It all relates to the fact that it’s not on the same timeline as the main story:

On the one hand the narrative of being a freelancer and operating solo with Diana, but without belonging to a bigger organization like ICA, fits with where the story of where Hitman 3 ends.

The key word is fits. He doesn’t say belongs or comes after. He is saying that they made it so that it fits, in spite of the fact that it not part of the story.

Below comes the reason why it can’t be part of the official story. There is too much narrative dissonance (from 47 going to the same locations, i.e. past murder scenes, at the same time, with the same people, again and again). It just doesn’t add up:

But on the other hand the actual on-mission gameplay in Freelancer takes place on the same time as the main missions, in most cases, so that gives a narrative disconnect to make the post-Hitman 3 idea work fully.

He says: it doesn’t work as post-Hitman 3 narrative.

The keyword in the next sentence is “pretend”:

we also decided to leave a bit of ambiguity so that players who like to pretend that the gameplay takes place after Hitman 3 can do that, without too much distraction from the established canon.

The last sentence has a clear subtext: there is an established canon, and Freelancer is not part of it.

I think you are reading what you want to read, not what he said.

In fact, I want it too, and I play as if it takes place after the main story. But if you accept that the author has a say in what their work means, then it is literally not official cannon.

And when Heisenberg said that “IOI stated around the time of release that Freelancer officially takes place…”, that is either an outright lie or a case of having forgotten it. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

Or, show me where they “officially” stated it, because I’ve seen no mention of it except for this interview. The one that diametrically contradicts your point.

IO tried to make it fit, so that we can pretend, but the main point stands:

Freelancer exists in a separate parallel timeline.