Freelancer: I did everything right, still failed

Hi there.
It happened to me twice till now.
I was playing H3 Freelancer Hardcore mode (PC - EPIC), I’ve finished the mission, every achievement was right but I’ve still failed the mission. (see screenshot)

Is this a bug?
Thanks in advance.


I can understand Timed Hide and Seek being blocked in Hardcore but all of the timed objectives?

It’s indeed a bug.

Methods that might work to avoid it, but that are unconfirmed and might be equivalent to using a talisman:

  1. Avoid vehicle exits when possible
  2. Perform the timed action (disguise change, take down, hiding, …) at least once between killing your last target and exiting the mission.

Sorry for your loss. I’ve been there and it is a particularly enraging bug.


It is a bug and also happened to me recently. More common with timed prestige objectives but my case extended to SA-No Firearms prestige objective.

Thanks for the feedback.
@Franz I will pay attention to your tips and I hope it doesn’t happen again. :roll_eyes:

I would suggest avoiding hardcore mode until the game is patched again. I too have failed campaigns because of a silent assassin suit only and timed hide and seek prestige objectives malfunctioning. It’s kind of a bummer that these are the only appealing objectives presented of the three offered and they’re bugged.

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Just wondering, and I have no idea if it makes any difference…

When you used the vehicle exits, then discovered you failed… Did you skip the cutscene/s? Or did you let them play out?

As soon as I exited, the cutscene played and the text of Campaing Failed showed off.


Ah, right.

I was thinking it only showed on the results screen.

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I didn’t skip anything. I played it out.

Anyone having this failed campaign bug on console cuz I’ve only seen ppl on computer get this.

Yup. I play on XBO and get the same bug. At least I already completed 2 campaings in Hardcore by now so the challenge for the suit is complete.

For those wanting to know if it is safe to play hardcore yet, the bug is still happening as of June 2023.

Don’t even bother trying if all of the prestige challenges are only unlockable after the conclusion of the mission. Just go ahead and reset the campaign right then and there. And switch back to normal mode and beat a single campaign cause its not good to start Hardcore without mercers.