Freelancer is an arbitrary boring slog

At the start the whole randomness was endearing but after a few months of mostly similar contracts along with being spotted by OHK Assassins from across the map.
I’d have to say that basically having people recommend an exploit to “enjoy” it shows how bad the game mode is.
Just increase the prices and drop the whole losing business, no one is playing the game straight unless it’s the aforementioned assassins capping them

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Sounds like a skill issue to me.


So getting spotted through a wall and instant capped is a skill issue instead of a bug?


TLDR: Ghost Mode needs to be revived


Honestly would take Ghost Mode over Freelancer. It was more engaging and exciting as every round you’d likely get someone with a different playstyle or your own with you cursing your opponent for getting the hit just a second sooner than you

Assassins take like 5 full seconds to line up a shot, consider changing location with haste


While I generally disagree with you as I am currently having fun, I will say that there are many fixes/changes I think would make Freelancer even better. There certainly are aspects of freelancer that are arbitrary.

I myselft haven’t reached level 100, but most people that have reached level 100 that I’ve spoken to have told me that Freelancer is a slog if you try are actually going for Mastery 100.

I sometimes get seen through walls/floors, and even the other day I got stuck in a pillar near the place where you get the laser guarded wine in Mendoza with absolutely no way to get out.


Got to disagree on this one. I prefer that mode way better than ghost mode, fits HITMAN character and environment well :+1:

It’s an interesting new way to play HITMAN, but definitely needs tweaks, fixes and improvements…

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I missed the part that promised endless fun gameplay on the H3 storepage back in 2021. I actually even missed the part about releasing a new map and an entirely new gamemode for exactly 0 dollars 2 years after release.

Not true. I love consequence and tension. Been playing hardcore exclusively, no cheating, to get exactly that.


Blockquote I missed the part that promised endless fun gameplay on the H3 storepage back in 2021. I actually even missed the part about releasing a new map and an entirely new gamemode for exactly 0 dollars 2 years after release.`

Yeah cause they’ve sold one game as 3 for at least $60 at launch. Also the gamemode has constantly been plagued by bugs and changes that only sweaty tryhards like.
So basically only the insane like the game mode but you do you.

People hyperfocus on the imperfections and let it ruin their experience. For me, it’s simple. I think it’s nice that the mode now gave us a safehouse. I like that there is a currency, progression, weapons/equipment to gather and an RNG element that keeps moderately challenging me. There are bugs that I hope will be fixed, but overall, it’s a cool game.


Assassins should be made tougher and even smarter to the point they look in closets when in hunting mode.

47: *Hiding in closet after eliminating target to wait for things to cool down.

Assassin: *Enters room with closet and looks around.

47: *Holds breath to avoid being heard by assassin

Assassin: *Looks in closet.

47: *Eyes widen in disbelief.

“Peek-a-boo! I see you!” *Fires a single silenced shot.

47: *Dies instantly…or at least is seriously wounded. Either way game is over and its off to the Safe House Infirmary for him.

See, what you’re doing here is doing the precise inverse; deliberately ignoring the flaws and hyper-focusing on the new stuff that you like about the mode.

Neither of these attitudes are very good; the former attitude displayed by OP just leads to a echo-chamber of negativity, and the latter just leads to being a Yes-man, something that makes a developers’ life harder as it makes changes harder to implement because you’ve no idea what to change or improve if everyone apparently likes it.

Either way, enjoy what you can, but be critical of what’s wrong when necessary.

I haven’t played Freelancer much since March, not because I’ve been hyperfocused on the negative aspects of the mode, but because, despite the whale of a time i’ve had learning the mode, enjoying the safehouse and making 47 go loud every now and again when playing campaigns, I have genuine problems with Freelancer as it is right now that I cannot ignore in order to continue having fun, and I have voiced those concerns in the hopes of bringing about some change.

I like to enjoy life.

The glitches/bugs have been reported on a million times already. I’m not against this. I pointed some of them out myself. Talking about foundational improvements that can be made is cool too (yet unrealistic to expect). What I’m doing, is adding an opponent voice to offset some very entitled, hyperbolic statements… Like saying that Freelancer “is an arbitary boring slug”. If you really think that as a Hitman fan, your perspective on what this mode should provide to your life is just way off.

This is what OP said:

Who the fuck promised that Freelancer should be entertaining after months of playing it? It is essentially a new, cost-free addition to a game that was released two years ago.

And yes @Dribbleondo, guilty as charged. I want enjoy my time when I’m playing videogames. So instead of letting every annoyance I encounter with the game get a hold and grow in my mind, I have chosen to be a realist and NOT expect a perfection. IO won’t be doing big foundational changes at this point. But there is a lot to appreciate still. Sometimes, seeing that really is a choice.


As do I, but there are more productive ways to do it than just ignoring what’s wrong. Ignoring bugs and glitches is one thing, but ignoring fundamental gameplay decisions is a different matter entirely.

FWIW, I too am a realist, and yes, nothing is perfect. I am usually a glass-half-full kinda guy these days as it keeps me mentally sound and relatively happy. But if something annoys me, I’m not going to stand still twiddling my thumbs and be quiet about it and pretend I’m having fun when I’m not.

Hyperbolic, sure. But that’s an entirely valid opinion though, just one you dislike. Hyperbole aside, I can understand and even relate to the sentiment OP has, just not the way they’ve gone about wording it.

They don’t have to, and that is a very strange thing to say, considering we got a prestige system recently that does change the Merces economy (albeit in a hotfix-kind-of-way), as well as modifying New Yorks’ level for the same reasons. Gameplay changes are not out of realm of possibility, and people should not stop asking for such things.

IO Interactive should absolutely get praise for Freelancer. The rogue-like concept injecting new life into the game, the way it’s been made to encourage new playstyles, the new features that let me gawk at a guns’ details and listen to weird music in my very own safehouse, the fact the mode is free etc. I’ve long-held the belief since the CTT that the core-gameplay loop is a very good premise… but all of this does not absolve them of issues perceived by myself and other players affecting mine/ others enjoyment of the mode.

Which fundamental gameplay decisions do you feel are being ignored

heres a few fixes id like to see before i consider returning…

SA Tracker and Rating enabled

Complete overhaul of shop/ tools system so that player can purchase what they need on site, once they learn thats what they need want. Also we should be able to purchase something on site we have at home already but didnt bring in.

More information in planning (Target names and locations would allow for actual pre planning of a mission, rather than just choosing a map and taking generic tools)

Buy full toolbox at once (RRP 47,000 M). If I have the M, why should it take 20+ missions all with trips to the supplier just to refil my tools. Unnecessary dragging out of the gameplay.

Thats just off the top of my head examples of decisions IO made that have put me off this mode. It had potential but their design choices squandered it imo.

Interesting concept, however this so called Assassins don’t know the amount of Non-Target Kills I’m willing to commit to stay alive. (Being allowed to kill Guards and such is in general my favorite change to the Gamemode as in One-Go Situation, mistakes or unintended things happen and I do prefer do defend myself instead of hiding in a closet for 20 minutes )