Freelancer loosing stored items

Is it normal to lose all the items you stored in your base after failing an Kampagne
(Sidenote, i failed because the game spawned me in an alert guards sight on Dubai :confused: )

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It’s normal to lose all the items in the briefcases on the table. That’s intentional.

Items in the weapon display cases should still be there, except for any that you took with you into the mission.


Why is it intentional? I failed missions because of the choice of working towards Cold Feet. I understand failing because I did not complete the kill contract. Therefore, I understand losing half my Mercers. However, I returned to the safehouse on my own, not because I suffered too much damage. I purchased gear for the safehouse, so I can keep them stored. I want to collect all the ducks, as an example, and keep them without buying over and over. It’s stupid. The game does not warn about losing the gear in the three boxes. If this was a feature in the PTB; then, why did everyone accepted it? I understand losing gear from failing missions by death, not losing gear for Cold Feet.

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The items that go in the briefcases on the counter are one-time use consumables. I think the idea IOI had is that, while gameplay-wise the player can only take so many with them, story-wise (such as Freelancer has any story), 47 is taking those consumables with him on each mission, and when he fails, everything he had on hind is left behind and/or confiscated. That’s why they disappear. I think that’s the thought process behind that decision.

I think it’s rather to encourage players to not stockpile these items and instead use them, other than guns and other special weaponry, but i too wished they changed it to work like the gun walls instead.
But there’s probably also the collector speaking out of me, especially since some missions still seem a little… unrefined… with alert guards or even targets spawning right in your sight and the other way around


Hopefully this does change because it is frustrating :joy::joy:


No items form the safe house should be lost if you haven’t brought them in to a mission that you failed

Your telling me someone came to the safe house and took all the items when 47 was in the hospital bed be fr

I’m hoping it’s a glitch bc if not then that’s bs


It’s frustrating to leave items behind in the gear boxes because I didn’t need them for the mission at the time. Then, go on the mission, kill one out of two targets, and leave to satisfy the Cold Feet achievement. Come back to find closed boxes of lost items, even the ones you left with, because you “ran out of chances” to get the syndicate. It’s still stupid.


while i get the idea behind it, i think having different rules for what you do and don’t lose in your safehouse is kinda unintuitive (even if the pop up explains it).

it’d be more easy to read if we didn’t lose anything from the safehouse. the merces loss is already harsh enough given the average time invested in a single level vs. payouts.

the problem is tools are tied to end of mission rewards. once your tool box is full, you seemingly don’t get more of those rewards.

having said that, it seems to me that the simplest solution would be to enable storing multiple copies of tools. the mode is hard enough as it is, but would that perhaps make it a little too easy…? i’m not so sure.


I know it’s supposed to encourage you to use your items, but it does seem like a weird rule to me. Why are you losing stuff stored safely in your safehouse in the crates, but not your guns? On top of that, it adds the inelegant rule of having the same items as “collector” items that are “persistent”, but that you can still lose the usual way? Odd. :thinking:

Losing is already pretty punishing and frustrating, getting all your consumables taken kinda adds insult to injury, IMO.

Plus, it’s not even clear to me what “losing” means in the context of getting your items taken.


It’s one of the most frustrating things in freelancer and I hope with a new update they will change it :see_no_evil:

@Heisenberg He could use a second briefcase with just the items we choose and leave everything else in the safehouse :woman_shrugging:


You’d think it would be that simple. I so with my initial impression of what Freelancer would be was how it had turned out. Would be much simpler for everyone, and everything that’s become a point of concern would just be optional, or tied to the hardcore mode. Oh well.

As a side note, I don’t really get why there’s a vault in your house… but you can’t actually store any money in it.

I don’t think it would be broken to let the player store something like 10 000 merces in the vault, which isn’t lost no matter what, but can’t be spent during missions unless withdrawn. This way you can make a little nest egg in case of failure and remove some of the pain of starting from scratch.

Maybe you could get vault uprades up to something like 50k at mastery 100.


This is an excellent suggestion!

I have had no more than 50k merces at any one time since I’m always buying stuff from the shop but I did wonder whether the stacks of cash and gold would actually incrementally increase with how much merces you have currently? Would be a nice little touch if so.

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How come there isn’t an option to order/buy guns/gear (Hitman dark web) for your safe house FROM your safe house!? When I go to a supplier on a level It’s usually to buy shit for the safe house gallery, not to use on the level/mission I’m on. But that caps me at two large guns per play through.

Cmon ioi… you’re so close.

Just do it already. :rofl:


I added to my feedback that I think it’s too frustrating long term to lose things we didn’t even take with us, and that I think that only encourages people to alt+f4 out of the game when things get too dicey. (No shame if anyone alt+f4s out of the game, btw. Sometimes life gets in the way, or the spawn point is so shit that you realise you don’t have the time for a more complicated mission etc)

I had actually planned to get the Cold Feet achievement first because I don’t want to lose all my things for an achievement, but I also really am a completionist :sweat_smile:, but I was too excited to finally play Freelancer again and kinda forgot about my plan until it was too late. :joy: