Freelancer mode: spawned w/o a disguise then game crashed during = failed campaign

It’s literally the third mission of the first campaign. The one w/ Whittleton, Dartmoore and Berlin.
Whittleton and Dartmoore were a piece of cake. I was never seen. Berlin it spawned me behind a counter of a bar. No diguise(!). I got spotted almost immediately by two enforcers whom
I spawned dead center of.

There was no way to remain unspotted or hide b/c either direction was into their vision cone.
And the other “customers” were seeing me too. And then I was in combat.
I punched out one guard and my game went poof. Crashed to Desktop th
moment a guard fired a shot. THAT has never happened in the regular game btw.

I think this is the first time HM3 has ever crashed on me. I’ve had it crap out server stuff,
but never a straight CTD crash. The insullt to his injury is when I re-started the game
to find it failed the campaign.

Seriously what is this crap? And it’s been pushed so hard. I will no longer bother with Freelancer mode. It’s kinda pointless honestly.