Freelancer objective not working

Run into a bug. I was going for the “eliminate a target while doing a tell” objective. Apparently garrotting them while they are performing a tell doesn’t register the objective as complete (mine was having a cigarette and had the symbol above his head and YES HE WAS THE TARGET). Was in Sapienza if that helps

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Yeah that objective is kinda buggy. I once knocked out a suspect while they were eating, snapped their neck on the ground, and that still counted for the objective. The most reliable method to do it that I’ve found is to poison them when they’re a Foodie or Dehydrated or throwing a propane flask near them when they’re a Smoker

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Make a note in the Freelancer bugs thread as well :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah but I needed to garrote the target for an additional objective so it made sense to use the QuickDraw