Freelancer | Patch 3.170.1 | Bugs and Imperfections

on Berlin one of my targets randomly went all the way to the gas station bus stop after being panicked by a falling bag of bricks that narrowly avoided her

after slowly jogging all the way out to her I then had to slowly jog all the way back to the bicycle exit, and I think the bus stop should be implemented as an exit because why not


Did the falling bricks kill or KO anyone? This target is a NPC from the main mission and has someone following her around the club, but if kill/KO/emetic her friend, she will end her standard route go all the way out the bus stop and stand there forever.

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that explains it, even so it’d be a good exit to have in freelancer if this is a potential scenario


Haven’t experienced that myself, but man am I sorry that happened to you. One of many issues with freelancer that make it less and less worthwhile to play in its current state unfortunately.

Seconded. :+1:

So unless Dubai has access to really high tech, I don’t think this safe clue was meant to be flying around :x


Nice find! I believe it’s from FloaTech. Guessing the company is behind other such levitating objects too. :thinking:

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We need some showdown challenges for Colorado to give everyone incentive to go there and so completionists avoiding that place for showdowns will have no choice but to finally go there.

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i was somewhat far making amazing progress and i used a lethal syringe in germany on the target, i got caught and the game didnt say to leave so i assumed it wasnt the right one so i went away to get the guards off me. later i realized he was the right target but when i injected i guess he clipped thru the ground. his marker was still there but vision showed nothing. alt f4 caused a failure. lost a lot of progress


I’m sure this is 2 suspects clipping into each other, but what a monstrosity. :joy:

Edit: It was 3, lol!


I’ve had this happen on Dubai a few times. Can’t recall it happening on any other map. For some reason on Dubai, I think the suspects are scripted to spawn a bit too close to each other, so they sometimes just get stuck. I think it only really happens on later showdowns (or Hardcore mode) where there is a larger number of suspects.

Regardless, it makes it pretty easy to cheese the showdown since you can just keep the non-leader suspects stuck in place so you don’t need to worry about them.

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It turned out that the one on the right of the 2nd screenshot was the leader.

Afterward, I thought I could’ve lined them up along with that one assassin on the balcony and done 4 headshots… But I wanted to work on that 47 Katana kills achievement.

I don’t know if this has been mentioned before, but I think I’ve found a pretty game-breaking bug. I’m not sure if it’s specific to Freelancer, but it seems to happen pretty consistently.

So basically, whenever I’m dealing with couriers in Freelancer, I usually make them slip with a banana or grapevine since it saves me the trouble of having to isolate them. However, I’ve recently discovered that if you’re performing an illegal action (such as dragging a body) as the courier is being woken up, they will instantly compromise you no matter where you are.

I first discovered this on Ambrose Island. The courier was one of the militia guys in the ruins, so I just made him slip with a banana, took the money and ran for it. One of the guards at the beach exit is an enforcer, so I went to climb down the vine to get past them (which triggers a Hostile Area thing). As I’m doing so, suddenly the game says I’m in Combat out of nowhere. I look around to see what the hell is going on and can’t see anybody that is orange in instinct. Then, after about 15 seconds, the courier from before is sprinting at me at 100 miles an hour, and he’s the only one that has somehow compromised me. There is absolutely no way he could possible have seen me, and even if he had, it wouldn’t have been instant like that.

It happened to me again later in Whitteton Creek. The courier was a lady at the party, who I made slip with a banana as per usual. I then went into Cassidy’s garage and used the generator to pull in a guard. As I’m dragging him to the container, I suddenly get instantly compromised. Again, I look around, and there’s nobody orange. I then realised, “crap, it happened again”, and sure enough, I go to check and the lady at the party has somehow ‘spotted’ me from halfway across the map.

It then happened again in Dubai when I was dragging a body up in the Penthouse. A courier about 3 floors below apparently saw that as they were being woken up. Real cool. I will say that I’m not sure if this is caused by making them slip, or if this is something that always happens with NPCs when being woken up. I’d need to do some testing.

It might just be a coincidence, but this never once happened to me before the update, so it’s possible IOI broke something. Imagine failing your hardcore campaign because of this shit. This is why alt+f4 was so important. I love this game, but it’s still waaaay too broken to not allow players that fail-safe for when crap like this happens.


I can confirm this happened before the update. Many posts above on this thread I posted a video of something similar that happened to me on WC. At the time I didn’t knew what happened and just thought it was one of the many see through walls glitches, but your post made me realize it was the same issue.


Lately I’ve been experiencing game crashes when a mission is LOADING. . . .
Same 'ol scenario of the loading bar hanging near/under the ‘D’

It seems like it will be successful if I see SAVING. . . .
for a couple seconds before the ‘Loading’. If I don’t see it, or if it’s very fast - it seems like it will crash.

The effects of fidgeting with the controller buttons is still inconclusive… Since it can still crash whether you perform the ritual or not. :sweat_smile:

Edit: I have Chongqing as an alerted territory, and the game crashes every time it loads. I’ve also noticed (not sure it makes a difference) but the loading video that plays is the camouflaged plane, and it usually crashes right where you see 47 sitting down. But I’ve had it crash when it has the car driving in the snowy weather and evergreen trees. I have Chongqing and Colorado left to finish. I’m wanting to get more kills for that burning man challenge. But I might have to play Colorado, then see if I can have a showdown on Chongqing. Otherwise, I’m going to be softlocked. :rage:

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Starting just a few days ago, for whatever reason, if you have the black boat at your dock use it to activate the mission, the cinematic turns it into the red boat, and the opposite happens if you have the red boat docked.


Nice catch. :+1: Update dropping on Thurs., so we will see what gets fixed and what new issues are to be found. :thinking:


Wonder if this Helicopter will be fixed in Freelancer? :thinking:

No issues with it when exiting in Dubai, but if you use it in Freelancer, there’s absolutely no audio whatsoever when you exit the Safehouse area.


Noticed that from the safehouse and it’s one of the new bug videos I am working on. Just needed a break from editing, but once the new update drops it’s time to get back at it. :+1:


Small bug, unlockable tropical islander suit comes before the summer suit, normally the default suit of the location should always be the first one


Why is his name Scott M Sarno now ? Its not M. or anything, just M
They never mentioned that he has a middle name or anything and in 2016 he was just called Scott Sarno

His name is supposed to be just Gary

And like in 2016 his name is misspelled everywhere even in the briefings subtitles except the video itself (its supposed to be Taheiji)