Freelancer | Patch 3.170.1 | Bugs and Imperfections

Looks like we finally found that Gary who keeps losing guns everywhere.


“Rock 'Em” Scott M Sarno


Thanks for the share. :+1: This is similar to a wishlist post I created about wishing IO would better organize suits and gear. In regards to suits, how great would it be if default suits for each location had their own spot as the first tile in each respective subcategory of suits so it was always easy to find? Secondly, for all default suits to be listed right next to their gloved counterparts.


Sky walking away nearly off the map (well, it’s impossible for 47 to reach them, and I don’t have a sniper rifle). If this IS the leader then incoming disconnect.


If a suspect walks off the map like that, they’ll come back if you arrange a meeting for their agenda. When I’ve done this, they’ve also “fixed” themselves so that they won’t walk out the map again after going to the meeting.


There’s a wallhack in Santa Fortuna, NPCs might be able to see you through the restrooms in the construction site.

Oh, and the fuse is still impossible to pick up.


You sure there’s not a small gap? Just give it up on the fuse already.

I didn’t saw one, and if there is, it would be so small NPCs should not be able to see through them.

I might as well give up on the fuse, if that is still happening after 2 patches I doubt they’ll ever fix it.

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This is because they are larger weapons and cannot be taken in without a briefcase. (Sorry just saw this btw) but they are in your inventory.

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Failed a hide all target bodies objective in Sapienza even thought I hide all bodies (yes, I’m sure I did).

The crates I used were:

The one in Caruso’s observatory.
In the public restrooms nearby the ice cream shop, the one on the left.
In the public restrooms nearby the church where there is a guy sleeping, the one on the left.
The crate on the little room were you get the virus sample to kill Francesca.


I have been playing Freelancer for almost a year, even the latest patch 3.150.1 has the same issues (XBox One):

  • New York, suspects will stay at the spawn position until lured. Honestly let’s keep this cool bug because the real syndicate will NOT stay there, so it is very helpful to filter out those zombie suspects
  • All SAs as the prestige objective could potentially fail even actual SA, the reason is the same with the previously banned “Perfect Run” - I guess I know the reason why it failed all time - the objectives must be fulfilled BEFORE exit the mission, that’s the point! For example, if the potential objectives are accident kills or pacify numbers, the Perfect Run will be green once everything counted in the mission; however, things like “Perfect Shooter” or “No bodies found” or “Silent Assasin” which are really to be determined AFTER the exit, will fail because it was not qualified BEFORE the exit, so I never use SA as a prestige objective after some blood & tissues.
  • New York: Suspects will go to a wrong level. Steps to reproduce: pacify or kill a suspect and then place the cell phone to level -1 parking lot, specificly, the corner with two large garbage bins. The suspects will come to the meeting and disappear at the phone location then jump to somewhere in the same xy but a wrong level z, and they are about to come back to the meeting after a long travel as a loop. In some rare cases, the suspects will spawn at a non-reachable level 4 (right above the big wall clock). I love this bug too, because it can prevent the suspects from observing any crimes.
  • Mumbai crunching on a box at the back gate of train station will cause 47 stuck in the location. The location is the backyard at the railway station which only one guard watching. 47 must climb up, shoot the camera then jump down. when jumped down, there is a chance to get stuck - now matter what key pressed, 47 will not be able to leave the box top.
  • Dubai: a room with a crate may kill body dumped in the crate. The location is about level 1, a room with windows and a body guard talked to a waiter, and two body guards were chattering outside the room in front of a vender machine. If pacified the body guard or waiter and dump the body to the crate, after a while - maybe minutes, the non targets inside the crate may fall and cause a push kill.
  • Bangkok. pesticide cannot be counted as sedative poison. Step to reproduce: Bangkok set poison target with sedative as a potential objective, then use a pesticide picked from the exterminator’s van, then poison the ventilation. Although everyone pacified in the lobby including the target, it still cannot be counted as an effective sedative poison.
  • Flash phone or emetic gas bomb will keep the target picking them. Step to reproduce: place one of these items (for the bomb, placed in a suitcase first) and ignite it, after a panic, someone will comeback and try to pick them up. Because the item was used and disappeared but in the NPC’s eyes, it is still there and they about to pick it; and because they are unable to pick it up, it will keep the loop of picking it.
  • Invisible guns. In some cases guns placed on floor may disappear but still pickable by instinct mode.
  • Outsanding service coin. where is it? please fix it!

Not sure if this bug has been recorded already but if not seems kind of a big deal. I just finished a Freelancer mission in Dartmoor and upon completion it gave me the campaign style menu (Replan, Load, etc) instead of the usual return to safehouse option. I was able to choose weapons I unlocked from the campaign and replay the syndicate mission, and bring them back to my safehouse.



  • The original topic has been added to and revised for Patch 3.170.1.

I’ll link the posts I made regarding Freelancer bugs in there too just in case:

  • Bugged guards in Sgail (also partially affects the main game modes):
  • HWK21 Pale possibly excluded from syndicate rewards?
  • Also the Khatvanga makes no sound when used to bonk NPCs (I know this happens in Sgail, so probably in Mumbai too).

Great additions, thanks for the share. :+1:

have you figured out a solution?

I’ve seen that guy a few times in Freelancer by now (he’s one of the NPCs who only appears in this mode, as a target or a courier). Not only does he have an ugly mustache but he also wears an invisible shirt apparently. Total fashion disaster.


I really hope with the impending Year 4 roadmap we have some Freelancer love, including some long overdue bug fixes :crossed_fingers:t2:


Agreed. :+1:

I added this failed cloaking tech experiment to the original list for the latest patch. :grin:

I hope so too. Given the massive list I have for both freelancer and even larger for the main game itself there is a ton that could still use some attention. Time will tell. :grimacing:

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