Freelancer | Patch 3.170.1 | Bugs and Imperfections

Which is precisely why they might get rid of it in an effort to accommodate that request. IOI has a record of missing the mark on easy, or at least rational solutions.

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Glad to know I’ve helped. Thank you, friend.

Well the fuse problem is back for no apparent reason, only now I can’t take the battery from the garage either :x

There’s also a really annoying bug that keeps switching two paintings (the one near the ladder in the bedroom, and the one on the left of the gym) to something else than what I’ve set. It seems like it happens whenever I gain mastery so maybe that’s the source of the fuse bug as well?


Why does pausing the game and exiting to the safehouse have a harsher penalty than simply leaving the mission before all the targets are killed?

If the area isn’t alerted and you leave, all remaining areas become alerted. If you exit, the remaining areas become alerted and you lose all your tools.

Shouldn’t the penalty just be the same as leaving early? :thinking:


I say the penalty should be simply returning to the safehouse and that particular mission is reset to the beginning, at least if you haven’t done anything like kill a target or take Merces from a safe or couriers.


Hooo boy, first of all, thank you @gabriel4602152 for making this thread, you are really doing the Hitman community a huge service. I have a laundry list of bugs/imperfections, and since I’m playing on the Xbox, I’m luckily able to make a clip when something happens and share it here. For starters, I’m playing on the Xbox Series X; brand new, just got it at the beginning of December.
No idea if these have any bearing, but these are the display settings of my Xbox as well:

  • 4K UHD display resolution
  • 120 hz refresh rate (even though I think Hitman only hits 60 fps max)
  • “Allow variable refresh rate” is set to “on”
  • HDR is active

Now on to the bugs; I’m just going to link to the clips below, and I’m going to list them by order of severity.

Suspect AI

This is the BIGGEST one to me, because it absolutely gets in the way of the main gameplay and progression systems of Freelancer mode. Simply put, sometimes the Suspect AI just, doesn’t work. Here’s some examples from Berlin:
Berlin Suspect AI loves motorcycles
Berlin Suspect Enamored by Table
Now, these two suspects WERE performing their actions prior to this; I witnessed both of these suspects wandering around, doing secret meetings, and performing their tells (the woman stuck standing at the table was eating pizza at another table, and drinking a beer at the bar). After the motorcycle guy had a secret meeting, I followed him afterwards, hoping to knock him out. He wandered into the garage, and then just…did this. Indefinitely. Distractions didn’t work either. I went back to the woman, and discovered she had stopped doing her behavioral tells as well, just standing idly at that table in the bar area doing nothing.

Now the obvious problem with this here is, with the two suspects both having the same physical tells, and with them NOT performing their behavioral tells anymore, there is NO WAY from this point forward to tell who is the actual Leader is. I’d just have to guess and hope I got the right person. Totally, totally unacceptable, and extremely random. Now I don’t know if this has anything to do with what happened, but as you can see I also had several optional objectives completed at this point, and several suspects were knocked unconscious as well. I’m not sure why any of that would break Suspect AI, but I thought it was worth mentioning just to be safe. Speaking about Suspect AI…

Burner Phones. Just the whole gameplay feature.

Huge, HUGE problem with the burner phone feature in Freelancer. Specifically, in the fact that it barely seems to work. In Dartmoor, I had this happen:
Impolite Dartmoor Suspect
Placing a burner phone and hoping to achieve my Prestige Objective, I was very confused as to why only one suspect showed up, turn around, LEAVE, and walk past another suspect who was actually walking to that area not because of the phone, but because it was part of her scripted AI path. What exactly happened here? Aren’t the burner phones supposed to attract all suspects to wherever it was placed? Sometime afterward, I clipped this:
Dartmoor Suspects finally Learn Manners
For whatever reason, THIS time the two remaining suspects did decide to go to the burner meeting location, netting me my prestige objective. Notably by this point, the actual Leader was sussed out and killed; that and the fact that I completed another optional objective appear to be the only differences between the two burner phone attempts. No idea if that has any bearing on this at all, but again thought I should at least mention it.

Next, we’re going back to Berlin, specifically the mission from the previously mentioned bug with broken suspect AI (you can even see the woman suspect still stuck at her table when I go into Instinct):
Part 1
[Rude Suspects in Berlin pt 1]
Part 2
Rude Suspects in Berlin pt 2

Again, we have the burner phone placed, and the Suspects are all ignoring it, either stuck in place, as in the woman’s case, or just merely moseying along their scripted routes in the man who walks past me’s case (also, no idea how that guard/assassin found that shotgun, but I may have just missed how and when he saw it).

Had another instance with burner phone problems in New York, didn’t get a clip, but it was basically just more of the same problem; several suspects on map, and placing burner phone in the bathroom only lured one or two at a time. Sometimes one would show up, wait a little bit, leave, and then another suspect would show up, and do the same thing. I had multiple burner phones in my inventory at the time that this was happening, and I saw that I couldn’t activate another burner phone after because “Meeting was already taking place” (or something of that nature), even though every Suspect was ignoring the already activated/placed phone and nobody was even in the same room as it.

X-RAY VISION NPCS!!! BACK WITH A VENGEANCE!! (Npcs seeing through walls. Again)

I really thought we had this issue taken care of, but nope, it seems like its back, and its back HARD. Three examples below:
Dartmoor NPC with the best phone camera on the planet
New York NPC sneaking a peek through the bathroom wall
Sapienza NPC and honestly I have no idea where or who this was

Suppliers who are too into their Roles

(EDITOR’S NOTE: I originally had a clip here of the janitor supplier in New York seemingly ignoring 47 when I approached him. Another user pointed out that this was actually probably working as intended, as a NPC entered the room behind 47 while I was attempting to interact with the supplier. I am replacing that clip with a more noticeably bugged interaction with a supplier)

In Whittleton Creek, the supplier disguised as a baker did this:

Whittleton Creek Supplier is committed to the bit
Someone else playing on my Xbox had a serious issue in Whittleton Creek, where the supplier disguised as a baker in the garage just would. Not. STOP. Kicking the tires on the car in the garage!!! He was like this the entire mission, even when other NPCs were not present. This happened everytime the baker was the supplier for Whittleton Creek, so even coming back on another mission didn’t fix him.

End of Report (for now)

I have several more I’ll post later, but starting off these are definitely the most egregious issues for me. In my opinion, Freelancer Mode should NOT have launched in this state, and I’m extremely curious as to how a mode thats been cooking in the oven for this long could come out so sloppy and broken. The Berlin Suspect AI breaking was the final nail in the coffin for me, and I’ve actually stopped playing until IOI actually decides to make this thing a finished product. Once player and mission progression starts breaking, then the game stops being worth the hassle.


No, its just one, I’m sure.

I quit Freelancer once while having a prestige objective active, and it stayed on when I was collecting all my gear and choosing the location to go to – but I got a warning that I hadn’t picked any Prestige before leaving, when I arrived, it showed that I hadn’t picked any…

Its just a visual error.

On Showdown Missions, the basic Time Trial Prestige objective will still give you a ~1-minute-45secs timer, as if it’s a 1-Target mission.

I get the game’s logic behind that – 4 ‘suspects’ but only 1 ‘target’ but it’s ridiculous for the kind of mission you’re dealing with.

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Suppliers pretend to be busy when there’s someone else nearby, you need to clear the room

I think when you arrange a meeting & the suspects bounce off it it’s because they have a real meeting to attend as well, though I’m not sure if that’s intended or a bug


Bug with Freelancer ‘campaign won bonus’ payouts, as well as how to avoid.


Thank you for getting this on video, I just posted about this in the bug report thread but with only a screenshot. Seems to happen on multiple maps, very annoying in freelancer where you have limited resources. I will add a link to your post there.

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May be currently a bug however it would definitely be a good feature for Hardcore.

Also experiencing the reported bug where you can’t pick up the car battery in the garage once you’ve unlocked it.

Also, warning for anyone who has unlocked the power fuse in the garage but not yet unlocked the option to build things with it: like the rusty nail near the shed, you cannot drop the power fuse once you pick it up. You are stuck carrying it into the next mission, and can’t even drop or throw it there. So if you do pick it up, by accident or otherwise, try to go to a map that has a use for them, like Dubai, Berlin, or Ambrose.

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Damn, that’s even worse than the rusty nail, hopefully we get a hot fix soonish along with with other stuff.

I think I’ve pinpointed the fuse / battery bug to the type of vehicles present in the garage? I’ve disabled the van, and reverted the car to the default one and it seems I can pick up the fuse and battery regularly now. So maybe some vehicles have broken hitboxes that interfere with items you can pick up, or something like that?

I also had a showdown in Paris where most of the suspects spawned inside each other :x I managed to “separate” them by placing coins near them but then they usually still stood here doing nothing, which didn’t help with tells and such. I managed to finish that showdown (which was the final one, and an alerted one on top of that) because the real leader ended up being one who wasn’t broken in such way but this should really be looked into, I think it also happened to some people during the CTT?

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I could always pick up the fuse, I just couldn’t drop it. And I tried the vehicle arrangement you mentioned already and it did nothing to help me lift the battery. Really sucks and I hope it gets fixed quick, because there’s several places in the H1 maps where batteries would have always come in handy and we can’t rely on item boxes.

I’m pretty sure the natural selection challenge is bugged or misleading. Neither poison from the shed nor poisonus frogs work for this, I haven’t tried flowers yet though. So far only crafting poison on Mendoza seems to work for this

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Scratch that, the bug’s back again lol

Flowers work, I’ve tested them in Santa Fortuna. I think frogs work too but maybe I only tried them in Ambrose (can’t remember if I used them in Santa Fortuna). Poison from the shed does not count AFAIK.

Easily the most annoying challenge so far.


So uh this sucked

The Leader (because every other suspect is dead) stuck in a wall. I don’t know if they spawned there or what, but…

I shot at the wall a bunch (like 2 pistol clips worth) and that eventually teleported him out in a panic. Unfortunately I was already being swarmed by guards and bullets, so no escape for me…


When exfiltrating with a timed prestige objective in hardcore mode (normal maybe too, but am unsure), the exit music is changed. It starts with this bwaah that sounds as if something bad happened and then cuts to somber plin-plonning of Mendoza music, so I assume it’s normally supposed to play when a prestige objective is failed.


Thanks very much! I waffled back and forth on it telling myself I’d wait for a sale before picking a Series X up, and well, its been two years and its never dropped in price so…I said fuck it, haha.

And yes PLEASE, I’m open to any formatting suggestions/ideas! I don’t like doing massive text walls but wasn’t sure what else I could do in this instance, definitely open to any pointers :+1:

Once I get the rest of the bugs I’ve captured posted up here I’ll definitely make another big post over on HITMAN 3 - Bug Report Thread just to cover all the bases. Cheers :v:

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