Freelancer | Patch 3.170.1 | Bugs and Imperfections

I just failed a campaign in the dumbest way possible…On Hokkaido, my controller disconnected for half a second and I was spotted by a lookout.

The target starts escaping to the cable car. I think “Great, I’ll wait for her to get on and shoot it down.”

It becomes apparent from Diana’s warning that the game isn’t actually going to let me do that (it’s going to fail as soon as she boards) so I preemptively shoot down the cable car…a half second later and the target just disappears in front of me, supposedly having escaped.

I’m really enjoying this mode but I hope they tighten stuff like this up. Could have been such a cool, memorable improvisational moment but it instead ends my multi-hour run


With the huge, growing list of issues that exist - I can’t help but wonder: why exactly did Freelancer keep getting delayed? Because it clearly wasn’t to bug fix it because it feels like the mode is still a beta - almost every mission I play I’m running into something new that is just broken or not working as intended - whether its something new in Freelancer that is broken, or something from the existing game that is now broken. :confused:


I was wondering the same thing, at the end of 2021 we saw the safehouse ready (interior and exterior) and various cosmetics and couriers were already present. I can’t think of other elements that require an entire year of work


Can we get something done about the cinematic of the helicopter taking off from the safehouse after you’ve unlocked more than one, where it looks like it’s taking off right next to the other helicopter that wasn’t there a second ago, and wouldn’t be that close in a takeoff even if it were? None of the other vehicles do this; we don’t leave on a boat and see all the other boats at the dock.


I feel that the Prestige Objective for having an Epic or Legendary unsilenced pistol kill should have its payout raised by 500 Merces. There have been several times when I’ve had the choice between it and the similar silenced pistol kill objective, but since they both pay the same there’s no reason for me to choose the unsilenced one.


The mode seems to have no fallback in Showdowns where if you eliminate the two other people with the same meeting type, when a Suspect gets to a point in their route where they would naturally have a meeting - they’ll stand at the meeting point forever. They don’t give up and continue moving around.


The list is huge & growing because people report every minor cosmetic glitch & standard bit of hitman jank & personal gripe with how the game works, with the same weight as a crash to desktop


With how long we waited for this thing since being announced, and the reason we were told it had been delayed so many times, we expected better. The purpose of Freelancer is player immersion? Well, the illusion is broken off of the many things listed herein.


Yeah it’s good to be comprehensive, don’t get me wrong, just turning around like “what did they spend all this time on, if not the card swiping sound effect for the consulate doors” is a v silly attitude. They spent the time making a whole game out of another game!!


OK I “solved” the fuse problem by… removing my van from the garage then adding it back :thinking:


It just occurred to me that it would be awesome if suppliers sold ammunition. Here are my arguments:

  • Lots of people complain (correctly) that suppliers become pretty useless once you acquire all/most tools and weapons.
  • It is not uncommon to take a weapon to a certain map and don’t find the corresponding ammo within it. (for example, if the player takes a sniper rifle to New York).

Selling ammo would solve both of these problems, plus give Merces more utility in the future.



That would be a realy good thing to have when I bring the ICA tactical white shotgun, it comes with only 7 bullets and no spare ammo


This is a very minor nitpick but it’s a quality of life improvement I would enjoy.

Could you maybe just add a “Start Freelancer” button directly to the Freelancer button on the main menu? I find it a bit tedious that when I want to play Freelancer I have to first press the button that says “Play Freelancer”, then I have to press the button that says “Safehouse”, then I have to make sure I don’t accidentally press the button that starts a briefing video of what Freelancer is instead of the small “Play” button next to it.

I already know I want to play Freelancer, I already know what Freelancer is. Please make it slightly less annoying to start Freelancer. At the very least please integrate the “How to play Freelancer” screen into the same screen as pressing “Safehouse”. I really don’t think we need 2 separate screens for these.



Right, Right, X




Down, X

Now you may play Freelancer!


How is it that seven years after the game releases that there are NPCs that can see you perform illegal actions through walls, floors and ceilings? How is this still a thing?


Because IO pick and choose what they want to fix - usually going for the easier stuff over the ones that are likely way more complicated to fix. After all, many bugs that were reported shortly after H3 launched are still in the game (and even ones that were reported multiple times during H2’s life). There are just too many things that are so old at this point that you just have to accept that IO won’t do anything about it because they likely would’ve by now if they had any intention.


But they have fixed this before… in certain places. How the hell is the root cause of this nonsense still happening? They know what causes it and have made corrections before! You’re telling me that by the time they got to Freelancer -basically the 4th game in a seven year stretch - and they’re still making this error?

I know I’m fighting a losing battle on this, but I refuse to surrender: how hard is it for people to have some standards?!


But, we don’t have the time or money for rational solutions.

Sadly it just seems like they don’t care anymore as much as they appeared to in the past. Otherwise they wouldn’t have shipped Freelancer in the state it’s in. I don’t know about other platforms, but the overall game performance on PS5 is fucking terrible now. Things are popping in right in front of 47 worse than a PS2-era game.

They got it to the point of good enough and shoved it out. :disappointed:

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I dunno, it might make them remove the Freelancer intro window. Like the intro videos to the missions and targets, I like to listen to it when I’m playing it like a “story.”

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Keep that menu with the video when you select Freelancer from game modes, but directly launch the mode in the safehouse when you select it from the title screen - that seems like an easy fix to me.