Freelancer Upgrade (Ideas of enahnce freelancer mode)

Freelancer mode is something what I was always wanted in Hitman game from start, so I’m loving it, but of this isn’t 100% what I would like to see. I know its some kind of budget free addition to game so we can’t expect to IOI will redesign in full scale. But I have few ideas which could enhance experience with this module - without any hudge effort from development.

The biggest issue with Freelancer is that we have a hudge… hudge amount of money but there isn’t any economics and empty hideout which don’t feel a place where we “prepare”. So I have few ideas which could bring some modules after certain level progress - which could help a little with gameplay.

Watch location map
47 could use PC station to look on location maps and localise approximate location of targets to be more prepared what to take.

Buying an Ammo
47 should always bring only 1 magazine on mission, but rest could be bought in hideout. Of course most of times there is no need to have large amount of ammunition, but buying an ammo could bring an econolics impact little higher.

Buying an body protecion
We don’t want to our agent die in mission. So we could buy an armour protection.
$1000 - Kevlar body armour with 50% damage reducion, or
$500 - Body armour with 25% damage rediction.

Buying an insurance
47 could buy an one time insurance (one peer mission) to protect lose Legendary or Epic gear on mission. It’s a hudge amount, but may be worth it. Similar mechanics is in Escape from Tarkov.

Buying a chemistry
After a certain amount of progress has been achieved, 47 could have a possibility to buy an extra pills/darts… for a price. These pills can’t be used to make a syringe any kind.

Other poisons
47 can find a Mushroom in forest which can be used to make an Lethal posion. This should be changed to make an Emetic poison, but also 47 should can find a frog and flower which can be used to make lethal poison vial or seductive poison vial.These could be used to create an syringe.

Getting ready
Gym or training area could be used to gain some amount of experience points with 6/12/24h downtime to boost progress a litle bit.

Change suitcase
We can use wardrobe to change our clothes, but there isn’t any option to change starting suitcase which we can bring on mission. There should be additional option for that. Of course availability of suitcases depends on our progress in campaign mode similar to outfits.

Start as worker
Starting a mission in Freelancer we always start in random place with suit only. But 47 could use hes contacts to start as a worker. This should be random, we never know what kind if inside job we get, sometimes as a worker, sometimes as a guard. This should cost a fair price.

Clear wounds
When we finish a mission where we get injured we need clear our wounds and blood strains to start a new mission. If we don’t do that we start with suspicious status.

Bedroom could be used to change day time in Hideout.

Kitchen could be used to make a Muffin.

Make a lockpick
We can find a old rusty nail which could be used to make a disposable lockpick to one time use.

Make a taser
Car battery could be use to make a disposable throwable mico taser.

What do you thing about this? I’m really loving Freelancer and I hope IO Interactive upgrade this mode with new mechanics.


Interesting suggestions :+1:

Adding my two cents into the topic with also my suggested improvements for freelancer:

Cheers :blush:


Seems like you want turn HITMAN into GTA.
GTA already exists and personally I never tried and don’t want to try GTA online mode.
No need to make things worse, just go and play GTA Online.
The only way to make Freelancer better is to shut it down and revive Ghost Mode.

Yes it’s my personal opinion and you are free to disagree with it.
But Ghost Mode is way much better than Freelancer

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I mean why would you need food/sleep/body armor/ammo/work out/using toilet etc in Freelancer which is basically a little bit changed Contracts Mode or extended Escalation Mode, or not that sucessfull mixture of both?
And that Safehouse? If you’ve reached lvl100 what would you do there? Swapping furniture after every mission?
I heard some say they even never been outside that mission planning area.
Prestige is not less strange and pointless addition.
The whole concept of Freelancer is strange and boring over time.
And again, this is my personal opinion and you are free to disagree

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You never tried and still you know you don’t like it. Quite interesting approach. Anyway - with that kind of mindset - why just stop playing Freelancer and instal fanmode to play Ghost on unofficial servers? I also like Ghost mode and I don’t understand why they shut it down. But still don’t understand why you want to shut it down Freelancer - just uninstall game lol. Freelancer is one of best things what happened to Hitman overall.

Great you don’t like it, but to be honest I don’t care :stuck_out_tongue: I’m loving it. And if you don’t like Freelancer mode then you should not read and comment this topic - because it’s not a place for you.

I’ve never tried it because I don’t like it.

I did.
Just reached level 100, got all challenges, unlocks etc and don’t see any reason to come back

I am free to do whatever I want as long as I’m not violating any rules which I don’t think doing by expressing my opinion.
Same as you and any other forum inhabitant


So thank you for your opinion. I don’t agree.

It’s rare that I agree with you, but I’ll admit, I like every idea you’ve put forward here.


I wish we could buy intel so we can get positions of the Lookouts during showdowns, for example.


Neat idea but aren’t they the exact same thing?

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Agree, but old rusty nail used as a lockpick sounds very riddiclous, so in my opinion it shouldn’t work this way, and be just a component to make a lockpick.

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Greta ideas! Changing time of day, changing suitcases and the weapon insurance are the best ones

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I disagree with the parts about seeing your targets before starting or choosing a starting disguise. Part of the fun of Freelancer is that you’re not quite sure what you’re getting into, so you have to prepare for multiple possibilities. Also, I don’t think the SEDUCTIVE poison has any place in a game like this.

Well, I would disagree with that. Not knowing your targets ahead of time is frustrating. The whole point of being a hitman is that you know who your target is and that’s why you’ve been selected to kill them. It gives you a chance to properly prepare.

Mind you, I’m talking only about the missions leading up to the showdown. The Leader should still remain anonymous with only the clues given to go off of. Indeed, that’s the whole framing device for why the other missions leading up to it are necessary - not knowing the identity of the real target, and so taking out the smaller people to get clues.

Being able to identify the other syndicate members ahead of time, especially if it costs Mercers to do so, adds a new level of risk vs reward factor to the mode, letting you decide if you want to spend your money now to figure out more about your low-level targets, or if you want to keep your money and just wing it.


Both ideas are interesting.

A good compromise would be having some intel available on all levels near camera rooms so you can get to know either the target’s face and profile, or having some intel regarding the whereabouts or the relations of the hit (NPCs it will encounter, routines, etc.) :+1: