Freelancers don't get a briefcase by default? LOL, Ok?

I know there are many moving parts, but something as simple as a briefcase, a simple item, as easy to obtain as a suit, at a department store.

I got a random choice of sedatives, a crowbar, or a shishka (AK 47) and i picked the AK. I could pwn some syndicate members if i wasn’t instantly spotted and look like a terrorist.

Can we please have a briefcase, we are playing FFreelancer; Our suits are imported, all we need is a briefcase. It’s that simple. :wink:

That must have been a bug because I always get a briefcase when bringing a weapon like a rifle or shotgun.


The only time they aren’t in briefcases is if you are taking in two large items. One will be in a briefcase, one will be on 47’s back. And the game does warn you too - since the prompt to start the mission changes.


Fortunately there is a slight delay for the items you bring to spawn in but you gotta move very quick to find somewhere out of sight. Oh and pausing won’t delay how long it takes for the items to spawn-in in real-time.