French Hitman sketch

Hello everyone.

I just wanted to share this video with you. It was made by a french YouTuber “Joueur du Grenier”. He makes several videos about videogames and he made a video about Hitman. It’s not really a parody of Hitman, rather a comedy video about all the gameplay features of the game.
Usually his videos are about bad videogames but this series of video is about good games.

As a fan of Hitman, I really like this video because everything is kindly mocked like the briefings, the sound where you’re detected, the obvious dangerous paths that the targets takes…

If you don’t speak french, the video is subtitled in English but the video is really funny if you’re a fan of Hitman :joy:

Papy grenier - HITMAN

What do you think about this ?


I love 7:40.

– But you killed 4 children, you know?
– Yes, but they were in the vacuum cleaner room. They’re not allowed in the vacuum cleaner room. What, anyone can go in the vacuum cleaner room now? I’ll put a vacuum cleaner in the children’s room, there! Don’t listen to them, it’ll be okay.

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Thanks! While I speak a bit of French, I never really look for French Youtube content and wouldn’t have become aware of this. Quite enjoyed it too. And it has some nice production values!


Clearly the best part :joy:

Maybe also with « I’ll come back doing the same speech in about ten minutes after inspecting the deadly cliff » :sweat_smile:

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J’ai maté la vidéo, pas mal en fait! J’ai bien rigolé. Je regarde presque jamais le YouTube en Français mais peut être je devrais chouffer ce mec Grenier.

The production values were really good! I was surprised when I saw actors and scenes and backgrounds and sets. The “what if this happened in real life” dissonance was on point.


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I’m also partial to this bit with the security guard:

– Honey, look! I found three coins at work! Also, my boss just got murdered, I lost my job.


In a breakdown video, this same creator explains that the shooting was chaotic: that they had little time with the rental of the castle, that the disastrous makeup of the bald head (unplanned) forced them to put a VHS filter on the video, to cover the misery, and that the interpreter of 47, the creator, had the Covid, he could no longer stand up. Also, it was very expensive: before, a video was 200GB of rushes, now it’s 2 terra for example.