Frequency of targert introduction by Diana or other character

There is a specific dialog by mission leading character on each mission that sometimes happens and sometimes its not.

In H2016 it was every time.
In H2 it was every time and then like 24, or 48h since last contract on same map.
In H3? What is it?

I’ll give you an example if you do not catch my meaning.
“That is Victor Novikov. Head of Sanguine, and ring leader of IAGO. Quite a resumae”.

In H2016, dialog is forced each time.
In H2 post-patch, dialog is forced every now and then after 24 to 48h since last played mission.
In H3 how is that exactly?

While I’m replaying any mission in HITMAN 3 I can hear target introductions or other lines regarding targets every time.
I think there is no delay (yet?) in HITMAN 3 for those lines.
In other words: seems in HITMAN 3 there is an old HITMAN 2016 principle when you hear info about targets everytime you play the mission. Even every 5 minutes

Oh no, no. Definitelly no.
PC Epic player here. I cannot say it’s really repeated each time.
Hence my question on the subject.

It’s funny you should have been wondering that: I’ve been testing it. I started to miss the introductions during H2, when they stopped triggering.

Fortunately, H3 appears to follow the formula H2 finally used: targets are introduced approximately once every 2 days (real time). That may be just PS4, though.

I have heard them only once on PS5, no repeat even after 24 to 48h. Honestly, I thought it is a bug, because I really miss them. Also, I have seen somewhere that the additional walkthroughs of the same missions in H3 will eliminate the need to unlock the Mission Stories again (every discovered mission story can be selected right at the beginning) and will eliminate the storyline targets (destroy the virus, etc). Or it was my wet dream…