Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I upgrade to Deluxe Edition if I get Standard Edition?
• Yes, because the only difference between Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition is the Deluxe Pack . The Deluxe Pack is sold separately.
Do I get the HITMAN 1 and HITMAN 2 levels if I buy HITMAN 3?
• No.
How do I buy the HITMAN 2016 / HITMAN 2 levels?
HITMAN 3 - Pre-Launch Guide - IO Interactive
• No.
[Question about the Steam version]?
• We have zero information about the Steam version (except that it’s coming in 2022). That is all we know, so please don’t ask any questions about it.
[PC physical edition question]?
• If it doesn’t show up on, then it doesn’t exist.
Future DLC or multiplayer modes?
• There won’t be any new maps; only repurposing of existing locations (interpret that how you want). No multiplayer modes.

Frequently Asked Questions
When will HITMAN 3 release?
• All 6 locations are now fully released on PS4, PS5, PSVR, XBOX ONE, XBOX Series X, Stadia, Nintendo Switch (cloud-streaming) and PC. It is an Epic Games Store exclusive for one year.
• The PS5 versions come with a PS4 version of the game (and vice versa). The different XBOX versions leverage Smart Delivery.
• Locations in order: Dubai, Dartmoor, Berlin, Chongqing, Mendoza, Carpathian Mountains.
Will I be able to carry over my progression/locations from HITMAN 2 or 2016?
• You will be able to carry over progression only from HITMAN 2 (base game + DLC + Legacy). Progession carryover is optional.
HITMAN 3 - Pre-Launch Guide - IO Interactive
Will the cutscenes be still-images like HITMAN 2?
• This is what the cutscenes will be like in HITMAN 3: The HITMAN 2 cutscenes have not been remade in the new style.
Is HITMAN 3 the last Hitman game ever?
• No. It is just the last game in the current trilogy (2016, H2, H3).
Will HITMAN 3 be coming to PC VR?
• What we know at the moment is that VR will be available for Playstation VR. All levels from 2016 to H3 will be available in VR mode. However, VR mode is ONLY available in HITMAN 3. Not 2016 or H2.
Will I get the PS5 version of the game if I get the PS4 version? And vice versa?
• Yes, for free. PSVR mode is ONLY available in the PS4 version of the game, so getting the PS4 version is essential (and that’s why it’s free).
• This is for both physical and digital versions of the game.
Can my PC / console run HITMAN 3? How much storage space will the game take up?
• Check here: (No console performance info yet.)
• All 3 games combined into HITMAN 3 (with ALL their content installed) will take up around 60GB of storage.
Dual silverballers or human shield?
• No.
Will HITMAN 3 require an online connection like the last 2 games?
• Yes.

The Main Cast

  • Agent 47 - David Bateson
  • Diana Burnwood - Jane Perry
  • Lucas Grey - John Hopkins
  • Olivia Hall - Isaura Barbe-Brown
  • The Constant - Philip Rosch

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Although it’s not Collector’s Edition or Steelbook, I think you could mention the passport.


How do you set it to night mode on Phone again here?

  1. Press your profile image on the top right corner
  2. Press the ‘person’ icon on the top right corner
  3. Select ‘Preferences’
  4. Scroll down a list by pressing ‘Account’ on the right hand side, and select ‘Interface’
  5. Select ‘Hitmanforum Night’ on ‘Theme’
  6. Scroll all the way down and press ‘Save Changes’

And there you have it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks alot…

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do trophies/achievements transfer to h3?

Everything you earned in HITMAN 2 will be transfered to HITMAN 3.
But HITMAN 3 will contain its own new trophies and achievements and other unlockable stuff, obviously

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nice one. just wanted to know whether it was worth me going through and picking up the missing ones.

I may have a stupid question… but I own Hitman 1 and 2 as the physical edition. Because of Corona I’m thinking about pre ordering the deluxe edition at the PlayStation store to download it. Can I than still transfer my levels and progress from the first two games to the third?

You should be able, as before, but we don’t know any details still.
Before I mean earlier game worked across all versions, with issues, but it worked

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No questions are stupid… maybe the answers.
Yes, you can.
If I remember correctly, you need to have to installed the legacy pack on Hitman 2.
How it will work to transfer the progress and levels to Hitman 3 we will knew soon.

No, HITMAN 2016 has nothing to do here.
The question was about buying HITMAN 3 digitally,
So, it should work to import everything from solely HITMAN 2 to HITMAN 3.
HITMAN 2016 will stay untouched

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No? I thought I can import the levels and cutscnes from Hitman 1 too? Only the achievements can be transferred from 2 to 3, but I thought the levels can be imported from all the Games, so that you can choose between them directly in the main menu.

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You can. Just like everything from H1 that is related to the story, is in H2. So the cutscenes will of course be there.

Progress from Hitman 2 > HItman 3: Yes.
Progress from Hitman 1 > Hitman 3: No.
Locations and everything else from H1 & H2 to H3: Yes.


Well, HITMAN 2+Legacy Pack is technically H2016 game.
But you can’t import anything from H2016 directly.
I read the summary of the article from GameInformer where been said that HITMAN 3 will contain all locations from previous 2 games (more than 20 locations in total) “from the box”.
If to believe that info, there is no need to import any other stuff beside the progress.
But I still hope that IOI reveals all that info themselves before the release so we have all the answers

Ah okay! Yeah that’s what I meant. Just the Levels and cutscenes :relaxed: So you think I can also do That when I have the physical editions of 1 and 2 and will download Hitman 3? I mean, the data is on the PlayStation, sooooo…

Yeah, it’ll work. Owning the disc version of Hitman 1/2 makes you eligible to import them to a disc or digital version of Hitman 3.

Just like you can have H1 on disc, and redeem the Legacy Pack for H2 on digital.


Will there be a demo version? Can we play H1&2 levels in the client for 3 before purchasing 3, like we could with the 2016 levels in h2?

main question of thi week! how return in black theme on this site??

Scroll a bit up in this topic, I asked it here and the answer is a bit below it…