Frogs and pills freelancer

I’m working on the poison achievements. Frogs in ambrose, haven and santa. Pills in whittleton. Where else am i missing

I don’t remember at which levels the necessary unlocks are, but outdoors there’s an emetic mushroom that you can turn into a lethal poison vial in the garden shed. The vial can be turned into a syringe in the infirmary.

I think Colorado still has the lethal syringe in the basement.

You can check item locations on and specifically select Freelancer mode, both standard and alerted for most maps, if not all.


As far as I remember, the poison achievement where you need to use crafted poison doesn’t work with on-level poisonous things.
You need to take a mushroom from the safehouse area and craft a poison on the level from it.
Potentially you can craft a poison in the safehouse but it might not work - at least I never tested that.
Unless something changed from time when I was doing the challenge, it stands like that

I did the “Natural Selection” challenge relatively recently and found the advice in this Reddit thread helpful. I ended up doing it all on Whittleton Creek and Mendoza, where suspects eat and drink fairly regularly (on Santa Fortuna for example it could take ages).

The safehouse shed you can craft lethal poison with still does not count for the Natural Selection challenge. You can do Natural Selection on any map if you’re lucky enough to get a Lethal Poisonous Flower from a crate in-level.

I haven’t tried it recently, but from what I remember the Lethal Poison Pill Jar counts toward the Pills Here challenge too. I know that’s on New York and Haven Island, can’t remember if any more are available in the Freelancer variants of maps.

Also, Frogs in Whittleton, behind Cassidy’s main place, where the cigar box is buried.


Easiest way for me to create poison in Freelancer is collect the poisonous mushroom in Mendoza, then you can go create the lethal poison in the hut in the middle of the vineyard.


Where is the mushroom in mendoza?

That is a great username!

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According to Hitman maps - there is a poisonous emetic flower. Maybe that’s what they meant.


As Tetrafish_21 said it is indeed a flower. It’s on the path along the “cliff” between the story entrance and the vineyard. A device in the shed in the vineyard turns it lethal.


I meant poisonous flower! My head was in the clouds when I posted :joy::joy: