Frote7 Speedrun Community Featured Contracts - January 13th

We are one hour before the reveal of Year Two, but in the meantime Featured Contracts do not wait or stop. Even less when they are made by Frote7 Speedrun Community.

The community created, tested, and voted for their best contracts on their discord channel during the Contract Jam 2.
The winners, who also became the curated batch, are :

You can use this thread to congratulates the creators, discuss the new contracts and post your runs.

Will you be fast enough to finish them before the Year Two reveal stream ?

Reach For the Skies

Location : Dubai
By SovietDubov, Kobalt, and Derek

To Mr Tobias Rieper.
We here at Al Ghazali Constructions are always commited to the highest standards of service for out customers! For this reason, we have organised a tour to show a behind the scenes look into what keeps the building standing. Check out the various galleries and event halls, and dine with a meal cooked by none other than Roberto Francullita.
We hope you enjoy your stay, and always remember to reach for the skies.

Curry Criminals

Location : Chongqing
By Yannini, In4Fun, CurryMaker, and Pigiero

Good evening, 47.

Every winter, the local restaurant in Chongqing serves a special menu, which includes the city’s favourite dumplings with curry. This year however, some facility employees have decided to take all the spices in town to make this delicacy themselves.

The people are demanding their meal, 47, so out client wants us to retrieve the ingredients from the employees and send them a clear message, you don’t mess with the curry. Tasteful hunting.

Cold Shoulder

Location : Chongqing
By Crewdy and linux_penguin

Chongqing’s winters are cold and bitter, just like the targets. The targets who, through deceit and theft, prey on the homeless. The homeless that could not survive in the glacial conditions without the protection given by the Good Samaritans. The Good Samaritans have caught on to the target’s horrifying plan and want us to stop them. Stop them, agent, and sage lives this winter.

Free The Stairs!

Location : Dartmoor
By Fuzk and DaniButa

3 bullies are guarding the stars.

Eliminate them so the stairs are free to traverse without enforcement!


Does it count if I completed our one last week? :rofl:

Edit: If anybody wants the awesome FC image which @linux_penguin made, for thumbnails etc, you can download it here: Cold Shoulder FC Image


Congratulations to the contract creators @Yannini , @In4Fun , @CurryMaker , @Crewdy , @linux_penguin , @Fuzk and everyone else not on the forum! Can’t wait to try those out, the curated contracts by the speedrun community are always a lot of fun!


Hey, thank you for the kind words! Congratulations to the rest of the winners as well. Of course I had a bit extra time to prepare, so when the new contracts came out, I already knew what to record. My runs are below (for when you finish exploring the contracts :wink:), I hope you all enjoy the new batch!


My Run of Cold Shoulder By Crewdy and Linux_penguin. Hope you are enjoying the Featured Contracts.


Multiple Contract authors? What do they do, collaborate and pick the optimal targets? Maybe one writes the briefing?

I’m glad they didn’t put in any super fast time limits.

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@Kobalt00122 is on the forum…

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I think this batch of contracts got overshadowed by the year 2 info release. They were fun to do and well made! No extraneous constraints or insta-fails!

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Slick execution on those syringes, my friend!!!

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Curry Criminals 1:48


I know I am a month late to the party,but I’ve played these contracts quite recently and I’ve had a lot of fun with them.So,I wanted to share my runs here.It’s been a long while since I last played featured contracts. :sweat_smile:

@Crewdy @linux_penguin

@In4Fun @Yannini



The contracts I loved the most were the Chongqing ones. :slightly_smiling_face: