Frote7's Speedrun Community Featured Contracts (February 2024)

Frote7’s Speedrun Community - Featured Contracts - 2024 Edition

We might not have a roadmap or any other type of announcement from IOI. But we do have a new batch of featured contracts :partying_face:

The contracts are curated by Frote7’s Speedrun Community.
They went live on February 12, 2024 (on a Monday!)

Congrats to everyone who got featured.

  • „The Muffin Monarchy“ by Scruffy

  • „Hot Seats” by NSDIB, Tsta, Zebulaus & Zionicle_

  • “Alphabetical Order” by Meme Junkie

  • “Deadly Décor” by Duller

  • “Hidden in Plain Sight” by Thieshmen

  • “Phanium’s Piano Man” by Phanium

  • “The Holy Inadequate” by Veggerby

  • “No Talking, Focus on the Job” by Trzebiat

  • “A Timeless Masterpiece” by k-kaneta

  • “Dadadada Agent” by quartz tan


and an hour earlier than they usually do too, I’m pretty sure. Saw them at 12:30 GMT when they usually release 1pm GMT


Dadada Agent <3 I played this ages ago and it’s still as fun as I remember it :smiley:


Yay, looking forward to it.


Looks like I lost the first place on the Steam leaderboards for “No Talking, Focus on the Job” to someone who just yolo’d the mission D:

This is interesting since it seems that doing the mission with perfect parameters (SA / NKO) scales much worse into score than simply doing it fast. It’s possible the number or targets or its complexity are the main causes and that the scoring system is completely thrown off when there are more than 5 targets, although I remember achieving a much better score with 4 stars rather than SA (within a somewhat similar time) on the escalation Aelwin Augment as well.


I’m 2nd on PS with a 9:58 and first place is Snorfietsers with a 4:42 :exploding_head: that’s insane.

Edit/Update: I improved to 7:31, might upload my run over here.

Edit/Update 2: 6:38 :skull: this was so hard to pull off.


I’m 31st on Epic with a 9:44 to complete Hidden in plain sight,this is a interesting contract by Thieshmen,It’s about you dribbling quickly,I’m enjoy it

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The Time Bonus is calculated differently when the run is not 5 Stars SA, the bonus is lower but if the difference in time between 5 Stars SA run is big enough it will match it and then surpass it.

Still, I’m pretty sure 52s for this contract is impossible. There is no way you can get an angle for Rolf and the 2 bikers in the grow house to kill them with a sniper, not to mention running from one place to the other. And then there are all the other targets in multiple places and many of them are also in the open to be seen by other NPCs. There’s no way it’s legit. Druzhina glitch/mod plus Wemod? Sub 4 minutes is absolutely doable and has been done 2 years ago. Maybe it’s possible to drop it down to 3 minutes flat.


It’s quite possible that it’s just some kind of wallhack, as the Steam leaderboards are rife with cheaters (although I prefer not to assume anything as long as I haven’t seen the run). I dunno what the Druzhina glitch is though :x

Good batch. I liked the Mendoza one in particular.


I haven’t been playing FCs much, but I tried some from this batch and liked them quite a lot.


That was the one at the start of Hitman 3’s lofe cycle where you could use the 20 mastery sniper assassin Druzhuina sniper rifle to shoot through walls. It was patched ages ago

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That is annoying. I always try to have 2 conditions for a contract so you can’t cheese it and still get the 20k objective bonus.

Yeah, Druzhina glitch was patched but I’ve heard there was/is a mod that allows to shoot through walls like with Druzhina but using any weapon (of course it makes sense to use a sniper at long range with it anyway).

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My solutions to Alphabetical Order (Chongqing) 1:50, Deadly Decor (Bangkok) 59, A Timeless Masterpiece (Mendoza) 1:12, Hidden in Plain Sight (Chongqing) 1:07.
Whittleton, Bangkok and Mendoza i liked the most, and there’s room for creativity in Alphabetical as well, hoping to see people do it all in 1 minute or something. And the name for “Hidden in Plain Sight” is just perfect.

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ICA_677’s been going ham on these, pretty much all of them are worth watching: