Funny bed levitation glitch.. Orson NPC floating in a thong Xbox One

Not sure how I made this happen, but when Alma Reynard (target) and Orson Mills go to bed in Hawke’s Bay, Orson levitated into the air :laughing: I could still assassinate Alma and finish the mission, but wow was this unexpected! The glitch has happened temporarily with the Alma model as well.

I note that I did get the NPC’s attention, hiding behind the couch in the bedroom. He walks over to inspect, then returns to bed. Maybe this contributed to the glitch.

Wondered if anyone else has had the same thing happen on Xbox one or other platforms.

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This is right on par with the daily posts of players discovering 47’s weight on a scale.

Never had it myself, but there are posts every other day about it.

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The artwork on the wall makes it look like this is a demonic possession, Agent 47 being the Exorcist. That’d be a fun Halloween theme :laughing:


Lets just call Orson floating, a foreshadow to the Mills Reverie Escalation, and not a bug :smirk:


Totally agree with that explanation.

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Also, this is probably overthinking things way too much (but I do that and love puzzles), but the brand “DICOR” on Orson’s thong, is this kind of a portmanteau of “DIC” and “ORSON”? Because, you know… … Orson’s character is kind of a douche.

Also, if I get this correct, do I win a prize from IOI??? :laughing:

Wasn’t this meant to be fixed in one of the first patches in the game? Did they break it again?

Honestly didn’t know it still happened.

Both Alma and Orson have been seen floating for quite a while, so apparently not lol.
It gets posted so much that we had to include it in the low-effort rule on the subreddit.

Low effort is completely warranted. I definitely didn’t think it was a major “immersion-breaking” issue. I replayed Hawkes Bay heaps of times to get all the achievements and it only happened “permanently” once. If you smother Orson, he returned to the normal bed position too.

I think my only suggestion to IOI would be to have ways of waking the NPCs back up, e.g. with light or sound, to make it seem more realistic. I basically turned on Orson’s watch alarm and nothing happened. Who sleeps through their alarm, honestly? :laughing: