Funny/joke disguises

I noticed the lack of funny disguises and I miss them I messed around a lot with this type of disguises in previous games like vampire magician, the knight, flamingo in Miami, scarecrow and other like this…

I think those added extra challenge when doing a contract where you had to retrieve the disguises in level and especially harder contracts when you choose those funny disguises where basically you had all the map against you if spotted so I’m asking why IOI made those disappear? I understand the serious tone of the story in Hitman 3 but I really miss those because added replay ability… what do you think about this guys?

Do you think IOI will add something like this in future updates? And I mean disguises only retrievable in level and not a suit that you can choose from the start and that isn’t any different than your default suits


yeah, there’s no joke disguises. the closest thing i can think of to one of those ones is the Skydiving Suit because it makes everything hostile

also the club member “disguise” with the hat and tank top


There’s the florida man disguise in berlin but it’s not new. The musicians in Mendoza are kinda unique and just for fun. Still not close to the number of fun one offs in previous games and yeah I miss them too. Maybe bonus missions will have some good ones.

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Not just funny disguises, but ones that feel like “secret disguises” too. Like the Plague Doctor from Sapienza or the Pale Rider from Miami or the Bank Robber in New York.

I too missed those and would’ve appreciated some of this kind of disguise hidden inside a locked closet or office, other than pretty much just the Wetsuit in Mendoza.

Makes the Chameleon challenge more interesting and allows for cool contracts and escalations.


Yes I definitely miss those disguises too… it seems the creativity for disguises went down with the last game I really hope in bonus missions for disguises even if I just wanted some extra disguises in main mission but I think now it is too late to complain or asking for those because they can t be added in a level already made.

It’s because the “game is daaaaaarker”, all the fun is gone

There are overall less disguises, so I bet when they had the choice between giving us another level of guards and tresspassing area, or some disguise that is “useless” in terms of map specific gameplay, it wasnt a hard choice to make.

But I also miss it, my favorite “funny” one is still his holiday outfit in Haven.


yeah, i also miss them. they make the game more enjoyable. maybe they’re gonna add unlockable joke disguises in the future

You still get some sly remarks though. In Dubai as a waiter, walk by a guard and he’ll say “Hey uhhhh my tea was lukewarm.”

There are better ones but I forget them.

Since they removed the camera swap sides for throwables, I almost got caught throwing a coin at ICA Facility. The guard must have seen me for a second because he said “Eh, nice throw” lmao.

Idk 47 awkwardly asking people if they want to get high while dressed as the drug dealer is pretty funny


Damn, I didn’t notice that myself, but now youv pointed it out it feels like all I can notice. No joke disguises, no Portman, Dexter, or Smith?! Come on, what are they playing at :sweat_smile:


Maybe Smith has not just been found yet?


Yes and even no disguises that makes all the map hostile to you if not for the skydiving suit in Dubai… I really like Hitman 3 it is the culmination of the trilogy but things like this make me feel like they rushed the game a little or toned it down in difficulty for new casual players.

Damn even the challenges tied to master difficulty are gone.


Where was he in H2? Or are you counting Hantu Port?

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Talking hippos and alien abductions…

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The fast food disguise in Berlin is pretty goofy. But yeah there’s definitely a lack of them. I think it a lot of areas, Hitman 3 focuses on practicality. Maybe the secret/joke/funny disguises just didn’t make sense in the grand scheme of things.


Do you think so? Unless I’ve missed something, it is only useful for five minutes when you deliver some (poisoned) food to that biker club!

I agree. The lack of them is not be overlooked. Hell, the first time I saw Gestur in Berlin I thought I finally found a Joke Disguise. Turns out he’s just a weird Dude with no real purpose.

the naked guy?

Yeah. I didn’t said I would’ve liked the Funny Disguise. I just thought it’d be one.