Game consistently crashes in the same places everytime (Death in the Family

I haven’t been able to play through the game since it came out as it consistently crashes in the Death in the Family mission. Its replicable in multiple points, and its preventing me from further progressing through the story. Game ran fine in the Dubai section of the game, expect for the intermittent server disconnects. Its a shame that this is happening after similar issues in the games before it. Its been about a week now, and after hearing that others have experienced similar issues with no patch to fix this in sight. I hope someone at I0I is working on a patch to address some of these major issues. Otherwise, I kind feel like I just wasted my money on something I basically can’t use.

Does your hardware meet minimum requirements?

Yes, I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t. I have an RTX 2070 with a Ryzen 7 2700x, and besides this isn’t a performance issue. As I clearly stated game runs fine, I just can’t play any further as it crashes in the same locations making it impossible to progress.

Can you elaborate on the specific locations in the mission that cause the crash?

I don’t know the exact name of the locations, but they all seem to be inside the house. Two so far that I’ve ran across. One in the downstairs office to the east of the house, and the other at the end of the up stairs hallway where you are being escorted.

Ah that will be the butler’s office and Zachary’s bedroom then.

my game is crashing on xbox series x … disconnecting or the same message at log in "failed to fetch version information for the hitman server. please check your internet connection. wtf all my otcher games are working find. rdr2 online gta online. desteny online etc…
some help pleas…