Game does not launch

i start the game on steam. it opens the launcher. i press play and then nothing happens. in steam i just get the option to launch the game again. there is no crash. i can see in task manager that the game process is still running but i don’t see any game on the screen

I had this situation a few times.
For me sometimes simple PC rebooting helps.

Also reinstalling GPU driver could fix it.
Some time ago I addressed to Nvidia Support and they advised to use DDU utility for this procedure.
They also stressed that it’s essential to launch this utility in Safe Mode.
After I’ve done it, my PC started working bit better and faster graphics-wise.
So you can try.

You do the following:

  1. Go to the site of DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller)
  2. Download preferably the latest version of utility
  3. Unzip to Desktop to find it easy
  4. Reboot your PC and start it in Safe Mode
  5. Launch utility
  6. Follow onscreen instructions
  7. Reboot your PC in normal mode (after job done, utility will suggest to reboot)
  8. Install your GPU driver
  9. Done

Hope this will help to launch the game.

If it won’t help though, address to HITMAN 3 Players Support Hub for further assistance.
I recommend doing that if upper actions won’t help

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i would like to add that i have already attempted a full reinstall of the os

i only have the amd driver and steam installed on my machine right now. nothing has solved the issue. all other games run just fine. i have also tried to verify game file integrity. there is no crash log in event viewer, i have already checked that as well

relevant system specifications:

intel core i9 10900k

64 gb ram

amd radeon rx 5700 xt

(no overclocking or anything of the sort)

software installed on my system:

vc runtime


amd radeon (driver + control center)


hitman 2

i’m sorry i did not provide this information before but i have already gone as far as doing a full OS reinstall and the game still won’t open. i did try a few other games and they all open just fine. it’s just hitman 2 that doesn’t work