Game dont launch PC game pass

Hello all,
I have a problem and I’m pretty stumped.
I have the XBox Game Pass and wanted to download Hitman on PC.
now unfortunately I can’t launch the game.
I go to play in the Xbox app, then the launcher of Hitman opens, shortly after the launcher of Epic Games.
After that, the launcher from Hitman closes, and only Epic Games is running.
I have done everything that was on the internet:

  1. windows is up to date
  2. drivers are up to date
  3. uninstalled Epic Games + reinstallation
  4. uninstalled the Xbox App + reinstalled it
  5. game installed on both hard drives
  6. put Windows Firewall Hitman on the whitelist
  7. run all files as administrator
    Could it possibly be Bitdefender?
    I have closed Bitdefender completely via the task manager… still does not work.
    I do not understand why the game only briefly starts the launcher… I also tried to start the game via the file path and bypass the launcher. Here the game also starts briefly, however it closes when the title screen comes up.
    Does anyone know any advice? I am in despair…
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