Game keeps crashing to the desktop

Platform: PC

Location: All Levels

Description: Game crashes to desktop with exception code 0x80000003.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start the game
  2. Load any map
  3. play the game

Dunno if this helps, but I’ve found sometimes a save game can become “poisoned”. Like you save in the middle of an NPC doing something, and then 10 seconds after you load that save, the game crashes. Happens every time with certain saves. Restarting the mission worked.

Happened to me in Haven, Chongquing, and Dartmoor so seems to be an issue w/ the newer maps.

I actually fixed it though. I had to update my drivers to version 21.1.1, if you have an AMD GPU. It hasn’t crashed since. If yours is still crashing I’d see about that driver if you haven’t already.