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Today a magic card trick, tomorrow a resurrection of a dead video game IP, the day after, using Aliens Colonial Marines’ budget to finance Borderlands 2. Truly a powerful lich indeed.




Well it looks like Unity want to go bust.


A fee “per install”?? Does that mean anytime someone deletes and reinstalls a game, they’ve just charged a developer twice to Unity? What??


Yep! And they are counting retroactively as well so if you have bought a Unity game they are counting it.


They ARE counting retroactively?! wait I swear I just read it wasn’t um)

it’s pretty wild and scary though…


Some news might have changed since then, I heard but have seen that they were retroactively counting installs. So take that part with a grain of salt since you have found proof seemingly otherwise.

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Reminds me of how you had to re-buy Spore after 5 installs back in the day. No surprise it became the most pirated game ever.
And look at that, John Riccitiello was CEO at EA during that period.


This might make comparable engines that used to be in the shadow of Unity to get much more popular, like Godot. Not sure Unity wants that. :upside_down_face:

Q: Are these fees going to apply to games which have been out for years already? If you met the threshold 2 years ago, you’ll start owing for any installs monthly from January, no? (in theory). It says they’ll use previous installs to determine threshold eligibility & then you’ll start owing them for the new ones.

A: Yes, assuming the game is eligible and distributing the Unity Runtime then runtime fees will apply. We look at a game’s lifetime installs to determine eligibility for the runtime fee. Then we bill the runtime fee based on all new installs that occur after January 1, 2024.

How is that even legal? Does the contract with Unity include “at any point we can decide to just demand money from you for reasons that are not made up yet.”?

Also: certified-huh-moment:



This is the biggest nothing burger of an article I’ve read in recent time. I’m trying to find this confirmation.


Well, it’s still pretty early anyway. GTA 6 is the next game coming so we won’t know much about this for another five to ten years.


I’m seeing a LOT of people hyped for this.

I’m like, eh? Cool?
I’ve only ever played Super Paper Mario on the Wii and even then I don’t think I even finished the story :sweat:

Maybe I’ll check this one out though, the graphics look really good and I’ve heard its probably the most popular of the series.

That Princess Peach game looks nice too. I love the theatrical aspects of it

All in all, the major first-party stuff of this Nintendo Direct all seemed to be remakes of older IPs. (Paper Mario, Luigi’s Mansion 2, Mario vs. Donkey Kong puzzle-platformer)
Nothing earth-shatteringly large to mark your calendars with.
It seems that this might actually be the final Switch-focused Direct until they reveal whatever the Next Console is in 2024. The Luigi’s Mansion 2 date happening for Summer next year makes me think that console reveal might not yet come until Late 2024…


Basically my thoughts as well. The Princess Peach game looks interesting. I have heard that Thousand Year Door is meant to be by far the best Paper Mario game, so definetly got some interest in that.

It definetly feels like things are winding down a little until the next console arrives. Makes sense to do stuff like ports and remakes and save your big titles for the launch of the next console.

New Among Us map comes out next month, looks like fun.


That was a very cute animated trailer! (I was half expecting some story-based mode lol)

I was like “noooo!” when Red fell out of the ship. Then “yaaaay!” when it turned out okay!


If anyone is interested in getting into a non-Unity game engine…

Humble Bundle could not have timed the release of this bundle any better :joy::joy:


Uh technically not game news but since IGN can return to comic news I guess I can.

I for one can’t wait to write a version of Fables that doesn’t fucking suck after its first 75 issues.


Better late than never. Have always thought the original Tomb Raider trilogy was a weird omission from the list of older games to get the “Remastered” treatment given the popularity of the games when they first came out.