Game News Thread

Score one for fans of the public domain! And it didn’t even take 70-120 years to go into public domain either!

Finally we can get.

Fables: The T-Shirt

Fables: The Coloring Book

Fables: The Lunchbox

Fables: The Breakfast Cereal

Fables: The Flamethrower: “A Children’s Toy”

Fables: The Doll (Bigby)

Fables: The Towel

Fables: The Plate

Fables: The Shaving Cream

Fables: The Toilet Paper

Fables: The Sheet

Fables: The Placemat

Fables: The Wallet

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Fables: The Daily Wire Exclusive TV Series (Starring Gina Corano)


T’was just a prank bro


“I promise I won’t try something like this ever again. Trust me.


A change to resolve “Confusion and angst” sounds like “We will make you see how great the idea is”. A zero bit of “Hmm maybe we are the baddies”.


This is actually year-old news for a 10 year old game, but if anyone has any interest in playing Infamous: Second Son again (I do), you can now finally find the Cole’s Legacy missions available for free.

This is apparently a very short, not too great series of bonus missions that used to be pre-order exclusive (and the codes are expired now), but completing them gives you Cole’s Jacket for Delsin to wear.
So… thats like 9 years late, but at least its free lmao

Infamous: First Light standalone game has a bonus pre-order costume you can now download for free too.

Thank goodness IOI didn’t forget about the Trinity Pack for that long, eh?


If I had a nickel every time a game publisher released a terrible game just before they’d release an awesome Guardians of the Galaxy game (that everyone overlooks) I’d have two nickels. Which isn’t a lot but it’s weird that it happened twice.

PSA: The SquareEnix/Crystal Dynamics Avengers game will be delisted on September 30th.
The game is now 90% off until September 28 on all platforms. That’s 4$ USD

It includes all DLC content and cosmetics, playable offline, and “multiplayer” will still work with peer-to-peer connections.

Nickel #2

The other time was Telltale releasing the terrible, extremely linear Walking Dead: A New Frontier (season 3) just before releasing the detail/choice-packed GOTG series


Was Season 3 that bad? I remember loving Season 1, really not liking Season 2, and never got around to the other two seasons of TWD.


I’ve never understood why they’re just completely delisting the game at the end of the month. Only explanation I can think of is that they’re wanting to kill the player base so they can quietly kill the servers and no one would notice/care.

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Season 3 tried to be a “soft reboot” with a new protagonist yet disregarding the fact that TWD was still an extremely popular IP from Telltale and whom Clementine had already solidified herself as a prominent video game icon.

The side characters felt like rehashes of previous ones in the series, and overall the choice-making didn’t have enough work put in to make things feel different enough on multiple playthroughs.
Personally, I found that the two-part premiere episode ending on a choice between betraying your whiny, ungrateful nephew and betraying the series mainstay who you protected/played as for the past two seasons was a terribly tone-deaf way to “continue” the series after a good hiatus.

The environments had much less interactivity and optional conversations/content to find than a usual TTG title (and releasing alongside it, the GOTG game had tons, especially related to Marvel comics easter eggs.)

The game also had some terrible, contrived writing throughout, with things happening just to further the plot no matter your decisions, and a major conflict involving a love triangle between you, your brother, and his fiancée.
It was made especially worse when even if you disregarded any and all advances and opportunities to woo the fiancée, the game acts as if you did and gives you a climactic brother vs. brother clash in the finale.

Overall, it was a considerable step down as a fan of the series, one that they heavily course-corrected with other series at the time and future entries.
(Doesn’t help that it took place during their major, MAJOR period of endless crunch the devs were put through…)


Actually I think the fact that they were virtually bankrupt might have also had a part to play.


It was a lot of things honestly. Money in, money out, constant crunch all the time, too many licensed IPs (in quantity and at one time), it’s a miracle that they somehow improved their choice gameplay and interactivity with Batman S2 and TWD S4 when the CEO switch-up and dev restructuring happened, but it wasn’t enough to claw out of that deadly hole it had dug itself…

The final day was handled horribly too, what with investors pulling out so suddenly and zero employees having any warning of any of this happening, or how quickly they’d have to leave their offices.

As a major fan of their game’s style post 2012 Walking Dead, it’s been a wild ride to follow their journey.
New Telltale is… ehhh still don’t know. It was rebooted with a much better work ethic, but so far The Expanse (which isn’t even made by TTG despite the name) is doing terribly at wowing me.


Yeah but Season 3 has one major redeeming quality…


LMAO I was gonna mention it had a really great, memorable secret easter egg but chose not to.
Man, that still kills me :joy:

Oh yeah and Javier played by Jeff Schine did a great job all things considered. He was not an unwelcome addition to the world.


Tokyo Game Show today, so a lot of info coming out about various games. Persona 3 Reload got another trailer, and some info, which seems to confirm that the villians for the game will actually get more screentime this time around. Strega were always cool in concept but never really fleshed out much in the original P3, not to mention their boss fights were ridiculously easy, hopefully Reload is going to remedy that on both fronts.

Sonic Superstars unveiled a new animation today, showing off the three villians of the game: Dr Eggman (ofcourse), Fang the Hunter (who aside from cameoing in Sonic Mania and being in the comics hasn’t been relevant to the games since, oh, 1996), and new character Trip (who is adorable.) Great to see so many from the IDW team work on this short, with it being by Ian Flynn. It’s nice how much Sonic Team is willing to work with this team. It means if IDW does collapse, it hopefully means all the IDW characters and continuity won’t die with them.


I´m thinking of going to TGS on Saturday. Never been to a game convention before, and last year I was visiting home when it took place. My mate who would otherwise come along won´t be available this weekend sadly. I´m not particularly fond of going all lonesome, but since I don´t know if I´ll have another chance in the future…


It can be intimidating but I say go for it, even just to get a look at the place. I’d love to visit a con of any kind but we don’t get many up here in Scotland. If it doesn’t work and you don’t enjoy it, at least you can say you tried and know for the future.