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Yea how dare he disregard my Universal Halloween Horror Nights 2023 The Last of Us T-Shirt.

Wait they integrated Last of Us into the Halloween Horror Nights? I hope so because that is really just more evidence for my case. Either way, yes that is just proof that it is a franchise. You can by merch at Universal, through Sony, through Naughty Dog’s own store, at HBO’s store and I even saw a special section of the Hot Topic digital storefront just for the game’s branded merchandise. All of that fits within the definition of franchising.

It turns out “Support yourself through other people’s money that you don’t even have while making a hundred buyouts at once” is NOT a good business model. Who knew?


Still had to go to etsy to get this bad boy, because just like IO Naughty Dog refuses to give us cool merch.


In the video trailer for the Lost Levels they showed one second of Ellie running holding a gun and one second of Ellie walking through a decorated Jackson with some NPCs having animations, implying that they may actually have some playable scenarios in them. Though to be fair if they don’t have any actual gameplay it wouldn’t be the first time they made a misleading part of a trailer for TLOU2.

I mean it isn’t out of spite it is most likely because the WLF are supposed to be bad guys and represent the sort of bad impulses of cyclical and generational revenge on a societal level so ND doesn’t want to cheapen the organisation.

Unlike the cool Providence dove tiepins IO are secretly hoarding right under our noses…

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Clearly this is just the tease and reveal of what to expect to get the hype train rolling. We’ll be hearing much more about this in the weeks leading up to mid-January for sure.

Each run will offer a new chance to decide what rewards you get after each encounter, how you spec out your character, and more. Unlock more characters, skins, and more as you progress to use in the mode, customize your own runs, and compete on a global leaderboard as part of a Daily Run2. We’re excited to share more about No Return as we get closer to launch.

We’re excited to share more with you about The Last of Us Part II Remastered as we get closer to its release on PlayStation 5 on January 19! Preorders will go live on December 5.

If the Roguelike mode ends up being just a bunch of random battle arenas, it’s at least something that seems to have more variety than the same story combat arenas in the game. I’d play it a bunch.
But there does seem to be progression in letting you unlock different ways to play. Possibly different characters have different loadouts or abilities?

I highly doubt it would disable any Accessibility options. ND’s whole mantra with the games recently has been to allow as many people as possible to be able to experience and play the game on their own terms. You’re not locked off from trophies or given any sort of punishment for turning on accessibility stuff like Invisible While Prone or Slow-Mo Aiming.
Now, the Cheats menu, that’ll probably be disabled like how it is on Grounded mode. Those give you things like Infinite Ammo or One Hit Kills.

Lost Levels, I’m not expecting to be complete gameplay experiences, but given they’re even showing off any of this unfinished stuff is pretty cool and might give us some long-awaited explanation to certain deleted scenes in the story that could’ve been…
(Hey I really enjoyed the Commentary/Museum mode from Firewatch and I’m all for more behind-the-scenes stuff being shown on games!)

Yeah cosmetics are just kinda “good, finally”. Since the first game had it, but was weirdly absent from the sequel – probably not to let you have too much fun in the game’s pitch-black themes. Good they’re breaking that though. Astronaut Ellie woohooo

Also also btw, physical owners of the PS4 version can still pay 10$ for the upgrade, so I’m sold already. I never believed there’d be anything extra in a re-release since it’s been said many times by Neil and devs that the game is as complete as they’ve wanted it to be at launch.

So idk if this count as news but I’m happy about it so I guess I will mention it anyway so for plants vs zombies garden warfare 2 it has been impossible to get every trophy/achievement for since like 2019 I think and the ea community manager has basically been on a journey the last three weeks to convince a pop cap employee to fix the problem said problem stupidity there is a little thing where every month for a week there is this special game mode and in 2020 they were put on a specific rotation and that rotation doesn’t include the two game modes with trophies/achievements so that will hopefully be fixed

I just found something funny on that half life page If you scroll to the bottom you can tap or click on the crowbar and pick it up scroll back up and whack monsters with it I thought that was interesting so I thought I would share

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A very new, very viral hit in the horror gaming scene. Just released into early access last month.

Seen quite a few hilarious clips of people goofing around (and dying tragically) in the game on Twitter. I’m so tempted to get it – because it’s an extremely cheap 13$ – but I’m literally a chicken for horror games and have no active steam friends soooo


In Japan Nintendo are releasing a 18+ version of the n64 Nintendo Switch online app because of certain laws in Japan maybe this will up the chance of conkers bad fur day being added to switch online

The news article about it


Want to know the scary thing? The president of Argentina wants everything tied to the US Dollar. If you now pay 415 Argentine pesos as a match to Dollar value for a game imagine how expensive food will be if he dollarises.


The blog posts are still accessible via wayback machine though if you´re interested. There are some interesting snippets, including about Agent:


The question is what was the NDA regarding the former Rockstar North employee. Typically NDA’s last between 1-5 years, but given this is Rockstar and they’re generally known for keeping their secrets especially amongst this trade.

This just seems like a weird situation of they shared their experience both positive and unsurprisingly negative and it got shut down.

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I don’t know if this thread extends to mobile games but I’m Going to mention this anyway so a mobile game I play every now and then brawl stars is going to be getting a update on December 14 and I personally look forward to annoying people basically every time they release a new character in this game you either have to pay or wait to eventually get them for free but they are realising the 3rd ( to my knowledge at least ) character everyone can get immediately and when I first played this game it was during the 1st of these in 2019 I think and it will either be a case of the servers go down for hours because to many players are online like that first time or the new character is to overpowered and they don’t nerf him for like 3 months :monkey_face:


Today SpongeBob can punch Lara Croft ryu the rock shovel knight and so on for the not so low price of 20 US dollars Play Brawlhalla For Free Now! — Brawlhalla

Among us has gotten a indie game themed bunch of cosmetics and some are a hat in time related guess I’m going to be playing it