Game slow since the update

Hi i have a stucks in the game since the last update
I tried to update Nvidia driver it didnt work.
and ray tracing is Off
Maybe they change the usual graphics?
If i play in High texture its sense that maybe i need to play it in Medium now beacuse the update?

The game caches the shaders, that means it precalculates some graphical stuff that works the best for your PC and settings. This caching has to be redone every time a patch does something to the graphics and maybe when you change the settings yourself.

Just play the game some more until the caching is done and everything should be back to normal.

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Just play? no touch anything?
Im play 1 week since the patch and its still slow :confused:

Shouldn’t take that long, then it must be something else. :thinking:

I sometimes use in Peacock server
maybe that the reason?

I don’t think that can have an influence on the game performance.

Same issue here, since the update certain areas produce a sort of jitter, like lag without frame drops (meter says 60 fps without change), but you can tell frames are being skipped because there’s something not smooth about it. It is not constant or predictable, but I noticed it gets triggered mostly in zones with textures like those on the walls of the operating theatre observation rooms in hokkaido, or the fabric texture of the new yorker outfit. Settings are unchanged, ray tracing and that other new feature turned off. Pressing the escape key temporarily fixes it.