Game starting very long [SOLVED]


I’ve noticed that from some time game starts/launch with hudge delay, approx 40 sec. First time I’ve noticed when I have game on Epic (I thought it’s platform issue), but after year when I started play on steam with totally new fresh hardware this problem still occurs.

Anyone have this same issue?

Is it just a black screen for 40 seconds or is it showing something

After when I press “Play” in Hitman launcher nothing happens for 30-40nsec, after that games launches normally. Just that delay…

I’m not sure but it could be due to some cache issues or something similar.
Check if all your drivers (especially the GPU one) are up to date. Try to reinstall the GPU driver with a clean install. Also try to clear the cache by deleting this folder:
C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Local\IO Interactive\HITMAN3\

Try to reinstall the game.
One last and most obvious thing you can do is to launch the game skipping the launcher by doing this:

Hope something of above works for you

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Unfortunately none of the above methods worked, but it maked me think and I’ve turned off Avira Real Time protection and… problem solved :stuck_out_tongue: Game launches almost instantly!I think it’s probably because of that Denuvo DRM. Anyway thanks for motivate me to search a solution :smiley:

Didn’t think of any antiviruses might prevent or delay the game to start.
Will include this option to future possible solutions.
Glad at least something worked