Gamescom 2021 - August 24th / 25th / 26th

The stream will be airing August 24, 10 am PT / 6 pm BST / 7 pm CEST

and can also be watched on Youtube, Twitch, Facebook and Twitter.

On August 25 at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET / 8 pm CEST there’s going to be the Opening Night Live event hosted by Geoff

There’s only ONE game that I want to see more of and that is


Saints Row V is being revealed here. Saints Row to me is sort of like the Star Trek movies, loved 2 didnt like 3 and loved 4 but dont think 1 looks that great. So im not sure whether this new one will be good because i dont have any brand loyalty towards the series beyond liking every even numbered game. I think Saints Rows humor is kind of irritating tbh. But if the game is a reboot back to it being more of a GTA clone like the old days im kind of looking forward to it as Saints Row 2 was to me a modern version of the PS2 gta formula. Modern by comparison, stuff i wanted in a new GTA was in that game and I thought that was great. So if its a retro throwback to PS2 style open world games i’ll really like that. If its just a lol random reddit humor dildo game like The Third im not playing it
Edit: lol it looks bad


I wouldn’t mind if they also announced a re-release of the first one on PC and current gen along with the second game. There was talk of a patch for SR2 on PC that would fix all the issues related to it but the creator had to step down because of serious health issues.
As for the reboot, just don’t go overboard like last time or we’ll see ANOTHER reboot for the series soon enough :laughing:


I’ll like to add that Saints Row 1 and 2 have coding that is held together with shoe strings. This is very evident among the PC version of SR2 and the BC versions of SR2 as well on the Series X where the fast load times literally break the games UI. I don’t know how real it will be to port these games without some major work being done to the titles to make it up to standards of modern generation performance standards.

This is true, Idolninja was heading a fix for the PC version of Saints Row 2 after the lost game code was finally discovered. He was essentially a one man army on fixing the PC version of the game and is very passionate about SR2 as a whole since he at first was a fan who later got hired on by Volition. Unfortunately Idolninjas cancer relapsed with a vengeance and he is predicting that he won’t see the release of the new Saints Row game.

As for the state of the Saints Row 2 PC patch. It’s still being worked on with Volition/Deepsilver promising to see through the completion of the patch with or without idolninja out of respect for his legacy and his contribution to the community since he alone made one of the most important Saints Row mods that being the gentleman of the row mod for Saints Row 2 which added content /fixed a lot of issues the PC version has.


Reminds me of how 60 fps breaks GTAIV on series X|S


Live in 6 hours from now


Is(n´t) there supposed to be some info about that mysterious Abandoned project as well?

That thing is nothing but a scam :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I’m hoping it’s a scam. A scam that hides a Silent Hill or Metal Gear game maybe :joy:


I’ve been keeping up with this Abandoned game since the reveal of the realtime app. Blue Box know what they’re doing by playing into peoples head by giving hints towards a Silent Hill and MGS game, deleting tweets, later saying they’re not affiliated with Konami or those games. These are just a couple things they did to get people interested in their game.
There’s so much more to this but I believe this is all Blue Box marketing tactics.

I actually would’ve believed that this was a fake studio if it wasn’t for the games that they’ve released, delisted, promised to release, etc. over the last 5 years.

Yong Yea has two or three videos about Abandoned and Blue Box that are worth watching. There is also a r/BlueBoxConspiracy subreddit, but that’s a headache.


I don’t really dwell on it. Wasn’t aware of the project or studio until the rumours started, so I’m just curious how it’s gonna turn out. That being said, an outcome not resulting in SH/MGS is not something that would give me a sleepless night :wink:

Unrelated question though. I noticed GTA Online is supposed to become its own separate thing on consoles in November. Does anyone know if that will be the case for PC as well? (More specifically will it be possible to install the GTAV single player without the Online crap?)


Blue Box notoriety goes beyond Abandon. To simply put it they really just want to make a paranormal investigation game. This is clearly evident through their “prior game” that kept on essentially being the same thing, but continued to show the same things across all the games to where it became evident that they have just been mixing it all into one game.

Going Down The Blue Box Game Studios Rabbit Hole... - YouTube

Mutahar did a pretty good video on it and I implore you to watch it if it’s of interest to anyone.

The teaser doesn’t really help Blue Box either since it’s highly speculated from it that it now has something to do with Silent Hill simply due to the person depicted in said picture wearing clothing that matches James Sunderland from Silent Hill 2

All and all Blue Box isn’t really helping their case if they want people to know this isn’t Silent Hill or Metal Gear. Let alone affiliated with Kojima.


I dunno on a 10 point scale with 1 being Saint’s Row and 10 being Saint’s Row 4 I would put it at a seven so far putting it closer to Saint’s Row III on a scale of wacky.


Don’t let us be distracted from pointing out that the new Marvel game managed to shove in Wolverine and MCU characters. Most of whom have no point being in a game based on Midnight Sons

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Denied once more…


So Gamescom happened. There’s some stand-out stuff in there that caught my attention.

Don’t really care much for Saints Row, but the animated reveal trailer looked really well-made!
Saints Row Reboot - Reveal Trailer | gamescom 2021 - YouTube

Cult of the Lamb started with this adorable animated trailer, then showcased some blursed, cute gameplay. Become a demonic vessel and build a demonic cult.
Cult of the Lamb | Sacrifice Yourself in 2022 - YouTube

Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga comes out spring 2022. Looks like the most HD Lego game yet. Some of the ripped movie dialogue still feels a bit iffy.
Official LEGO® Star Wars™: The Skywalker Saga Gameplay Trailer 2 - YouTube

DokéV is a game made by a South Korea studio. Their take on the collect-em and battle-em Pokemon genre… and it was surprisingly eye-catching! Frame rate looks like it’ll die at the drop of a hat, but man, that lighting is spot-on!
DokeV Gameplay Trailer | Gamescom Opening Night Live 2021 Trailer - YouTube

Geoff’s ultimate waifu Hideo Kojima was shown off at the end, or at least Death Stranding was. Lots of new features, definitely interested in the upgrade if ever I get a PS5.
Death Stranding Director's Cut - Preview Trailer | PS5 - YouTube

As two honorable mentions: Hand-to-hand combat games seems to be a burgeoning genre. Two shown here, Sifu and Midnight Fight Express look visceral and awesome!!
Sifu | Sloclap | Release Date Trailer | PS4, PS5 & PC - YouTube

Midnight Fight Express | Gamescom 2021 Trailer - YouTube


I don’t know how I feel about the Saints Row reveal. I’ll need to see gameplay first since this is a very make or break moment with the series.

As for Lego Star Wars in Spring 2022. I’ll say it now the hype for this game is gone after numerous delays I’m not excited for it anymore. While I know it will be good, the delays really turned me off especially given it was revealed way back in June of 2019


I know I’ll will still buy Lego Star Wars, my son and I enjoy playing them together of the past couple of years (and other Lego games). But I can understand as the delays are frustrating and it has missed the original Rise of Skywalker promotional period from when it was first announced. I believe it was supposed to be release spring 2020 along with the home media release for the movie.

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The Future Games Show will be today (August 26th) at 1 pm PDT/4 pm EDT/9 pm BST and it will be streamed on Youtube, Twitch, Facebook and Twitter.

It will be 75 minutes long and it will feature world premieres, gameplay clips and interviews from more than 40 games from the likes of Modus, Pearl Abyss, Frontier Developments, Team17, Koch Media and Tripwire Interactive.