Gardener disguise problem WC

I’m playing a contract that requieres me to use a gardener disguise to kill the targets but the game doesn’t recognize it. It shows the disguise requirement as failed even though I was wearing the correct outfit for the kill.

Do I need to pacify a specific gardener? Or do I have to choose the gardener start location?

There are two different gardner disguises in Whittleton Creek.
One is a regular, and another is undercover agent.
For exaple regular is talking to a policeman in front of Janus’ house, and undercover ones are in Wilsons’ garden.

I think same situation with garbagemen by the way.
The real ones are near garbage truck, the undercover ones are in the next house’s garden behind the house for sale


Note that is also true for the Garbage Man disguise.

That’s weird, I used the disguise from the gardener in front of Janus’ house and it doesn’t work. The disguise from the strating location and the gardener near the creek don’t work either.

Are there more gardener disguises on the map besides the ones above and the two undercover guys at Helen’s house?

Yes because these are civil gardeners. You need one from an armed gardener. I think the only two are in Helen West’s garden.


Ok, I tried one of those and it worked. Thanks

But now I wonder why would they program it that way? Was it intentional?

I assume the disguise is tied to the behavior and/or the voice the NPC uses. That makes it a technical requirement to not use the same disguise.

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That makes sense. If this is the case I wish they give some kind of visual feedback to let the player know which disguise to use since it’s annoying to guess by trial and error. Besides, players who don’t know about this and don’t check the forums might just rule it out as a bug and give up on doing the contract.

interesting. didn’t know that. kind of really shows a lot of intriguing detail that went into the undercover agents.

Small detail, but in a Bitter Pill, the undercover gardeners are allowed in the first floor of the house that Galen Vholes lives in, and the normal gardeners aren’t.


But there is no difference? On the one hand it would make a disguise worthless if you could spot it instantly, but maybe something on the belt etc which shows their status?

I once made a contract with those two disguises. It’s pretty annoying. Btw: There are also different biker disguises for the agents in Berlin :wink:


So as Club Security disguise, there’re four versions of it, regular, Green, Chamberlin and Mongemory. I once played a contract asking to kill five security guards in disguise of club security, and it’s annoying as the biefing didn’t make it clear which security they actually need. I have to try it over and over again and end up to give up.


wow that’s crazy. taught me on when making contracts what disguises to grab.