Gear for Season 3 Challenge without it

There is a bug in which you can get a classic noose without having Hitman 2 and 3. And the bug robots even in contracts, a test can be given for a silent killer in contracts, but again I noticed that the plot is so impossible so that only the contract mode. SA so go through different contracts and get equipment. Good luck!

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I’m really having a difficult time understanding what you mean.



This might be the single most confusing paragraph I have ever read on the internet.

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You enter the contracts mode and fulfill the usual contracts for SA. And the game protects as if you had completed the usual mission

Are you talking about a specific mission? You mentioned the “bug robots” in your first post - is that Chongqing?

No, go through contracts in any locations, I already have ICE 19 clasic.

The ICA19 is given to the player by default, if thats what you mean

Cryptologist needed. Urgently.

I am guessing you are using google translate for this, but the translation makes no sense. I would recommend you rephrase your problem and try again, as everybody is confused


I feel like what he’s saying is:
You can get items that you would usually get from doing regular missions (?) whilst doing contracts.
Maybe he means that doing SA in contracts would also mean you would “do” SA on the location’s mission.
In that case, things like SASO x17, Sniper x5, challenges like that don’t count when doing contracts (I think), but they still appear
Also, he is most likely using google translate (based on another one of his posts, “still enraging”>" still enrages"), so that might be sadly why his post isn’t grammatically correct.

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