General criticism regarding Paris

Do the Paris crowd still flee at explosions in Hitman 3? I’ve been trying to get a roulette kill with Paris without using the diorama or mission stories. I’ve been wanting to kill Viktor at the bar but the crowd NPCs will get killed. What causes them to flee? Do they do it anymore?

@Frote7 You’re the expert at Paris gave you tested this yet?

Also I noticed that if you lockdown Viktor near the diorama he can’t go to one of his two lockdown areas so you can sort of juggle him between random rooms. It’s neat. Maybe that could be used for roulette too?

Alright maybe I’ll actually get an answer since no one checks the 2016 forum. Why even have a separate section for all three games at that point?


So people can easily distinguish which version of the launcher they’re using :man_shrugging:

I wouldn’t avoid a thread just cause it was ‘Hitman 2016’, I just click on threads if the title is interesting

As for your actual question tho, I don’t have an answer, haven’t played enough around in Paris in H3. I’d suggest loud gunshots to make the crowd flee tho


The crowd cannot be evacuated while keeping SA in H2. I did not try it in H3 but I assume it is that way as well.

I can only imagine that if crowd NPCs “witness” the target death while regular NPCs don’t, they might evacuate and you keep SA.

If you use the H2016 sub category without the map category, it could imply you mean literally the H2016 game, not the map in H2 or H3. :wink:


Fuck. That’s so poor, I guess it requires killing members of the crowd. Why do they do something so limiting?

The answer is probably “performance optimization”. :frowning:


It feels like every change to the AI and systems limits the sandbox. Can’t kill people with a sniper, can’t kill crowd NPCs, can’t use distractions. Just use mission stories. “Follow the scripted kills dood”.

The game is simultaneously the most freeing and most restrictive version of the Hitman formula. I just wish they’d make some changes because I love sandboxing but unless I’m a genius or really patient I can’t do anything that hasn’t been done.


Well I guess you are aware I am one of those who can always squeeze some sandbox juice out of missions, but yes changes like these also limit me. For my Blackmailer ET video I also had to go for non-SA to get the hall empty. I would have preferred to do it SA with some more KOs.


Yeah you are the gold standard along with wizard. The fetch trick and that taser bird thing are great.

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@Generickillz I think you are trying to get a falling object kill,right?Well,Viktor walks under a chandelier right from the beginning.However,I think you have probably already thought about that,but the disguise restriction doesn’t let you do that.
In that case,start as tech crew.At the beginning,Novikov doesn’t have his guard(the guard waits for him on the red carpet).This is the perfect chance to lure him,pacify him and drag him in the nearest room(the one next to the sheik’s room,which conveniently has a chandelier) and then come back to kill him later or place a bomb(a breaching charge for example) on the winch and detonate the bomb when you obtain the right disguise.

Yeah that’s pretty good thank you. Still, I want to use a method I haven’t done ever before so it’s a little disappointing I have to either KO my target or just use the one chandelier he goes under at the start.


What’s your plan, exactly ?

My plan was to panic the crowds away from the chandeliers at the bar in order to kill Novikov with them.

unholster and holster your gun, and the crowd npcs will step away from you.

Yeah that’s worked a little bit but sometimes they don’t move far enough.

Is this a bug? Kurt doesn’t respond to any coins or other distractions. It’s super weird he’s like a zombie now.

If it’s deliberate that’s just another reason why Paris sucks. :slight_smile:

NVM Viktor has to hear them first to get him to move.

Wow, wow would you keep it down?